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Tuesday, 23 June 2009



Love the tweed jacket. Alexa Chung was waering something similar to this when i saw her in a famous eco boutique buying I Conjure candles.

Carl Starling

I can't express my lvoe for Future Classics enough - a truely brilliant brand. Wearable, with a conceptual egde. Delicious!


I like the big shoulders and hips. Great look. Would wear everything.


I love the clothes. I hope there ist a lot of more to see soon.


I just bought a summer dress - water colour florals - but not twee. In winter I will layer it. I love them. Expensive but as it transcends fashion I feel an investment. The winter stuff looks amazing - only grumble is it is hard to find stockists - even here in London.


Wow! What a stunning collection of beautiful shapes and silhouettes!
I would be in serious trouble if I had to choose just one! Really! :-)


i find that they crammed all that is popular this season in one collection, exposed zipper, asymmetrical draping etc & i like the collection, but i wold love it more if the colour palette was brighter :)


Ah! Am loving the shoulders, the draping, the buttons, everything!
LOVE Future Classics!


I like the shoulders. They make a statement without getting ridiculous.


Yet another amazing label I'd never heard of. You expand my horizons on a daily basis, Queen Michelle!


as much as i like the colleciotn, the hair is what i love the most.

Queen Michelle

I know!!! The hair is amazing. I always wanted one those proper 'do's!


Thank you SO much for showing me/us this! Absolutely IN love with mixing PVC and tweed. We may be twinsies come fall...and like you, i cannot wait.


ooo i like the drappieness of it all
it's beautiful
and i love the fabric choices


Those crazy shoulders are freakin' GORGEOUS!

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