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Monday, 22 June 2009



LOVE IT. Are those long beads on the skirt and blazer? The effect is both unique and completely wearable! I'm in lust with the runway jacket!


dear queen,thanks for the rad new links as i didnt know most of them.dean is amazing and i feel attracted esp towards that dress.its always amaze me with new infos or ideas.thanks for that!
your loyal inferior


I think I need to see that movie. It is essential fashion viewing, no? Sara Jayne

Very futuristic! So fashion-forward. Nicole

It is futuristic, but the black and white and the geometry on the clothes is so now!


yeah, nice pick up. He was a stand out during Grad week for a lot of people. Tough climate at the moment though...


Dean's collection was amazing...I hear he is showing at fashion week this coming season with Vauxhall fashion scout!

Ski Goggles

Wow, the models are looking cool. I liked their dresses especially the pleated effect in shirt and on the skirt is just awesome.


I like it but his interpretation of the inspiration film elludes me. I'd rather just take it as it is and not know it was blade runner inspired. It is my favorite film.


Absolutely amazing! That white blazer in the 3rd pic is so gorgeous!

csm student

The inspiration for this collection keeps changing because there probably is no real inspiration behind it. Just playing with placement of bugle beads. Dean Quin is not the most deep designer. Go to the csm exhibition and have a look at some of the other designers not picked for the show. it finshes this friday. You won't be dissapointed and make sure to request and look at portfolios at the back of the studio. ask them to recomend some.

Queen Michelle

Malinda, take the clothes as you find them - knowing what they were inspired by needn't make a difference to whether you actually like the collection or not.


Thanks to everyone that left amazing comments...I am so touched!


I see a hint of jealousy there from csm student! But this is to be expected when such talent is emerging! There is only room for the best in fashion, as we all know. We do not want to hear or see the mediocre. Dean your collection is beautiful. And you are most definitely someone to watch out for in the future!


to the jealous csm student, it was a great collection that required alot more thought than just playing around with beads. maybe if your collection had been that good you would understand.

dean, it was wonderful, you should be proud.

Sarah M

wow, just reading this amazing review is wonderful for me. As an older woman I see this young talent very rarely. Dean, you are a wonderful designer...Now lets see what you are going to do for us older women...Cannot wait!

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