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Monday, 22 June 2009


Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

They're completely beautiful!
Lucy =)

Stella Mayfair

the wedge is totally incredible! how high are these?


Very nice! I like how you put colours together, but I also think I like the monochrome outfit with pow! purple shoes best.

I also am rather fond of the tiles, they're pretty!



Michelle, i dont remember the title of the book in which i found this word, but every time i read your blog "i'm flabbergasted". you're a miracle!


LOVE your new shoes, and that last sequinned jacket is absolutely gorgeous!


killer shoes! I like it best with the grays..they pop right out atcha!


love the shoes, and your style (: awesome


i love how you styled them in all your photos! have you guys ever considered commercialising the blog? im not such a big fan of "commercial" blogs but in these tough times a Queen's gotta do what a Queen's gotta do. I dont necessarily advocate this as being the right position, but it could help with the cash flow problem and im pretty sure we can all agree that we could pretty much spend all of eternity watching you play dress ups ;)


Those shoes are amazing and you nail it every time no matter what you wear. I love this site. I hope you two never stop blogging/posting!

Queen Michelle

Stella Mayfair they are about 5.5"
Tanya, no matter how hard up your Queens are we will never turn this into a commercial blog. We just can't bring ourselves to do it. Stubborn, I know!
Jes, we have no plans to stop blogging just yet x


Gahhh!!!!! Absolutely amazing shoes and outfits! Really there's not much more to say. :-D


Love them! And you can walk in the wedges? Power to you! I love the way you've styled them.


Love the colours...and pretty cool shoes...x


Love the bright color combos.


those wedges are DOPE. incredible. practice away because it will be so worth it to strut your stuff in those beauties.
love the last outfit, that sequin jacket is to die for and it looks great w/ a casual ensemble. found an amazing baggy black sequin dress yesterday for $7. i'll never stop loving sequins.

Queen Michelle

I am practicing - I took the bins out wearing them last night and didn't fall over!


Those boots are so so so good. They look fab with the sequin jacket outfit! You are so good at styling.

fashion roadkill

i love love love the last outfit..amazing sequin blazer, great layering, the pants are fantastic and the shoes, well, they're just fabulous.


I like both colour pallettes mixed up. Your shoes are amazing


Stunning! Marry me.


haha, yeah I have shoes with bottoms similar to that, they roll forward as you walk. Definitely takes some getting used to! Be careful! :)


i think ALL of these outfits are incredible. your styling is wonderful. i feel inspired to wear more colours!


wow. love.
the last outfit KILLS!


My oh my!! those shoes are amazing, love all the outfits, especially the first one.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

You styled each outfit perfect -- Queen Michelle style! As I mentioned previously, those wedges are the ones I've been dreaming of. Honestly, I dream about them!! I'm so glad you got them and are kicking serious ass in them! (LOL I bet you could literally kick some serious ass in those babies!) The second pair are just as lovely, but its the wedges I yearn for...



i just did a post playing around with colors, but this is just wonderful!

also, i added your blog to my fav list :)



Best post ever, best post ever


I can't think of any words worthy of these shoes!
They are just so beautiful and perfect!
Lovely set of pics!
You've done a wonderful job styling them!

P.S.: The tiles make a very interesting background! :-)


WOW fullstop. i love your style x 10


it's great to hear that you guys arent keen on going down the commercial root!
recently one of my fave bloggers has put up a lot more ads on her blog and it's so annoying. now im always distracted by the ads which really detract from her stark monochromatic palette/visuals that she's got going on, on her blog...


Love love love the colors! I have both electric blue and hot pink tights but never thought to put the two colors together! Love it!

Coco P.

Hello Michelle,
I'm very glad you wear the shoes like that!
The last outfit is very simple and is very good with the purple Cleopatra, good choice!
You are very pretty with the greys outfits!

The Style Rules

Those shoes are out of control! Absolutely to die for. Love them.

The Style Rules

These shoes are AMAZING, absolutely to die for! Love them!


Is this the Automn 09 Sequin jacket from River Island? Is itin the stores already? You look great as always : )

Queen Michelle

K, no this isn't AW09 but this it is in the stores already. Should be online too. But be warned - the sequins really shed quickly.


the first outfit is STELLAR! i love to see you in bright colours!

converse uk

converse UK is a well known name in shoe world... they've got so much variety and goodwill all over the world...

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