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Friday, 05 June 2009



you are awesome.


I love you, Queen Michelle :) You look like an Alice in Wonderland reimagined by Dali (and I definitely mean that as a compliment!)

As for "Britni," I am so annoyed with girls trying to make themselves seem more interesting by spelling their nice names in bizarre ways. Look, Britni, Nichole, Lihndsee, etc., there are other ways to spruce up your boring selves. Try an orange sequined blazer, perhaps!


Amazing outfit!! I think you just woke up my optic nerves this morning. Keep up the 'style offensive'.


That girls name is Britni with and I...says it all really. She has probably seen this picture and somewhere her head is exploding.


hahaha i hope her eyes are burning from all the wonderful colors!


In fact it looks much more unified and 'matched' than any black and grey nonsense..


lol. i love negative people.


my sister always says i dress as a clown. and my mum always goes 'is that what people wear now? you cant wear black with navy. or red with pink'. yours is my favourite blog and i wear what i want x


Why are people making fun of her name? That's kind of irrelevant.

Mademoiselle Robot

i love it. going completely nuts with prints just brings me back to when i was 5 and started to try and dress by myself.
i think really toddlers have all the fashion knowledge.


Oh, you are wonderful, absolutely wonderful, Your Highness!


Ha! Looks great. You've made my day.

Queen Michelle

Jess, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here, but I'm guessing it's probably a fake name.


LOVE LOVE LOVE it! All those beautiful colours of a similar hue, together...amazing! :)

Maria M.

Ahhah you are so awsome :D


people like Britni are just jelous! you were amazing on WWW, and your delicious today! no no, what I am saying... YOU'RE STUNNING! great mix and match, a bit balenciaga I think... adorable!


Yes, it clashes...but so perfectly. How do you do this? Amazing.


My friend Jon says you're hot. "Hawt" to quote him correctly, but I believe he was completely serious. And Jon hates everyone so you must be doing something right.


Ha ha ha! Well at least, as well having an imagination and loads of sweet clothes, you have a real name. x


In a way I think that you should be above these things but well.. it was a quite funny story. =)

Queen Michelle

Yellow, one can never be 'above' a bit of revenge ;)


Screw her!! hahaha.. i love your outfit...


Definitely loving your guts, I'm glad you don't care. I couldn't do it...


I love you, Michelle! Britni is probably from LA and gets her style cues from worn-out trends a la Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan. They cannot understand the incisive style of UK girls -- from a fan in NYC, Sarrah!

ps. I love how you seemingly topple patterns & shapes together -- not safely at all!


Please be dog's dinner every day, cuz this is what inspires thousands of people. I simply cannot imagine any negative commenter in WWWD dressing more 'unique' than you, I'm afraid wearing a g-string over your jeans will not class as 'unique'...


Absolutely brilliant!


I'd love to see Michael Jackson or Tarzan look that good in an outfit. Or 'Britni' - now I think about it...
Queen Michelle, you inspire me daily, including today. x


QM - your too funny! I almost choked on my cornflakes reading this post, although you look great with that clashing outfit. On a more serious note though, where is the offending orange sequin jacket from? Call we weird Britni but I adored it and must purchase something similar at once!


hahaha, this made me laugh! i just love the way you put your inner agression into an outfit. this ratatouille of colours and prints is somehow really gorgeous in a fucked up way. there's not many people dressing as fun as you do!


I think complaining about other people's choice of clothing/style is but utter disgust about their own style or lack of it. It's ok, some people are imbeciles that accept no diversity in the world whatsoever!

Queen Michelle

Well you can't please some people, but you can do your damndest to offend their sartorial sensibilities! hehehe!
Natty it isn't even sequined! It's just a kind of strangely ruched/quilted satin jacket. But how good would it be if it was sequined?! Even more over-the-top! It's vintage though.


Dear Queen Michelle, may I say as a new and loyal subject that a) Britni needs kicking down a flight of stairs and that b) since reading your blog I have been so inspired I feel like a bird set free and whistle on my way to work each morning!

Last year I lost about 3.5 stone and found myself able to wear more interesting things but got struck dumb with terror and simply didn't. Then I stumbled across your blog and my God, I can't tell you how exciting! So today at my desk, instead of an ankle length skirt from M&S and a cardigan from Dotty P's I'm wearing a grey 80s striped dress from with batwing sleeves and a deep back that fastens with massive buttons, over leggings, with an electric blue suede belt and matching pumps. Not mind-altering but I promise I would never have dreamt of wearing something like this ... and you've been like, 45% of the reason for me having the balls to do it.

I'll stop gushing because I'm embarrassing myself here and everyone else is probably throwing up, but f&ck Britni and all of her kidney. You're a bleedin' inspiration your madge!




You forgot the blue head/hair thingy!


Haha!!!!!!!!! S**t, face, rub. Well played!


Love how the unwarranted criticism inspires you to new heights. The colours are great!


haha, Queen Michelle, you are fucking hilarious! love it :)


AMG! It be awesome. Seriously, you've blown my mind.

Sue, you're not alone. The Queens have been quite the source of inspiration for me over the last year. Sadly, I'm putting you all to shame today, blue shirt and blue jeans, what was I thinking?!

But I am wearing my favorite white shoes :D


yeeees, i love it! i think you just cured my headache! keep on rocking, queenie :D


brilliant! love your outfit.


ha rock Queen M!


Love. It.

fashion roadkill

You are amazing. These prints somehow totally work and the cage skirt pulls it all together. Britni's eyes are probably watering looking at this in her bubblegum pink Juicy Couture tracksuit.

PS- the dressing "like I fell into my closet"
concept is awesome and totally hilarious.


EPIC WIN. This is my favorite outfit of yours, ever.


I have to admit, I am not a fan of over clashing... I do prefer things to have some sort of colour order, maybe I am anal ;)


Haha...You still look amazing, damn you. I think you can pull anything off.

B Prince

these photographs are soooooooo beautifully
done - are they done professionally. the colours, the composition - they are miniature artworks. whoever takes them must be terribly creative & talented.

Queen Michelle

Sue: Good on you! I'm, glad you're having fun with fashion now. We only live once afterall x
Why B Prince, it just so happens it WAS an exceptionally talented and creative individual who took the photo! How did you know? He's also gorgeous, which helps one 'make love to the camera' ;)

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Well my dear Queen, when you "fall into your closet" it becomes a feast for the eyes! What a way to get revenge... a dish most certainly served with a heaping helping of clashing prints sure to offend the most boring of "fashionistas" (gods I despise that word almost as much as "ressionista"!) Way to go!


Great post! perhaps you might add some orange nail-polish! :-D


dogs dinner!!! I LOVE IT !!

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