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Thursday, 04 June 2009



I spotted that the other day, would love one, but I agree 150 is a bit steep!


I love this clutch. Maybe this would be a great do it yourself project for those who like me can not afford th original.


WOW! I need this bag! :D


I always think clutch bags should be a lot cheaper than other styles, even when more work has gone into them,I dont know why, clutch descrimination, probebly because of the increased likelyhood of me loosing them somewhere.


Agreed: Super fun design, but a bit spendy. Could you DIY one up?


that's pretty genius. i love wearing things that make "noise" so this would be perfect.


150 quid! Wow! Looks like a good DIY if one's patient enough, love it! :)


fashion roadkill

this is awesome!! I'm looking for a clutch and this one is perfect.


such a cool look, i'm loving all types of zips lately.


I saw an awesome little chain mail purse by Nine West today (also made noise that's why I thought of it). I didn't buy it because I'm saving up for an even better purse and how long would the chain mail last anyways :P

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Gosh that's so diy-able! Plain clutch, loads of old zip pulls. Now you've got my brain working overtime...


ahhhhh stfu sooo good xx

Liberty London Girl

Hello my loves, a lil' bit of blog love for you from me, (scroll down the boring bits to about half way down)


Queen Michelle

I'm not sure where I could get just the zip pulls that aren't attached to actual zips? But yeah, definitely DIYable.
LLG I read that article! Thanks gorgeous! xxx


There has definitely been a steady improvement in the quality of their design.
My friend and I nearly gave ourselves whiplash when we last walked past a Whistles.

Make Do Style

Agree it is still a bit yeah whatever but it is getting there!

dj nikki beatnik

yep 150 Boys is way tooo much for Whistles. Im sure Whistles go down well in Barnes, Wimbledon Putney etc though where women dont work much & the credit crunch is but a rumour :)

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