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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

That red is totally absent in my wardrobe I think... maybe I sould add it!
Lucy =)

Oh Dear Charlotte

I love the knits!

Jael Paris

I'm also digging the pleat pants. I love, love, love the images though. Breathtaking!


well what ever the designer intended, i definitely feel the darkness too...


I live the illustration and photography mix. Hungarians love and understand darkness, but, indeed, not in ordinary goth way. They do it a very civilized manner (I lived in Budapest for a while).


it looks scary.


I love... I meant...
(whole day I try to send a comment, but server failed, now when I made a retard spelling error, it suddenly worked like charm... what are the odds..)


Beautiful! Those sort of plaited trousers are fabulous, and the long red dress is all fairytaleish. Yum yum!


the ones in the second pic are like the Judder man!!!!.....remember him???

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Very beautiful and as you said, slightly menacing, which makes it more interesting. I could do without the bandaged feet, but kind of dig those stick-heads (; Those trousers remind me of the way they plait horses manes. (I mean that in a good way, LOL!)


Red dress in the first picture is amazing!


i too loved the spine pants, and i really like how the cross hatching of fabric loosens towords the ground on the first dress.


HI Michelle, those pleated pieces very much reminded me of a young Australian designer, Soeli Pedrozo. I did a little post about her here:

Check her out if you've got the time.



Wow, those pants are awesome.


its called smocking isnt it?? ... we learnt this technique in class where your pull threads through the back of the fabric and You can create patterns on the front ...
The lattice like effects is called canadian smocking its pretty cool!


heres a little demo of canadian smoking

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