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Wednesday, 20 May 2009



I really like the logo design, very creative and to the point. I'm not wholly into the wet look/pvc leggings but those leggings do look really good.


Great Logo!


my milkshake brings all the boys to the yaaard, and they're like, it's better than yours...damn right, it's better than yours...I could teach youuu...but I'd have to chaaarge...... I do enjoy a girl in a good pair of leggings.


You have hit the nail on the head, he IS the crack version of leggings. I was all about tabio tights, till James came into my life, I have been pay payling his ass since that beautiful day. I am about to pay pal him today actually, for the gold cut outs. Seriously ladies, check him out, he is a fiend. I defy you not to like what he does.


The logo is ace, as is the name!
I found out about ‘JL’ from one of your previous posts and I have been a keen follower of his blog ever since, he's a true inspiration & a great design talent of that there is no doubt.
I foresee a very bright future for this man from the land down under and he certainly deserves it…those ‘Spidermans’ are totally mind-blowing, his best ones yet in my opinion but it probably won’t be long before he bowls us over with another cracking design.


I can't deal with this much hotness in one post. Very well-priced too. I want to crawl all over the place in those Spidermans!


Shit yes! Love the logo. And more importantly, I feel the same way you do about crack legwear.

Ooooh, you've got me excited about this now :D


They look awesome i'm def. gonna check them out!


Nice logo! and that last pair of leggings is INCREDIBLE. just wow.


ahhhh james

Sister Wolf

Oh shit. I love those last ones. Can you please help me to see how inappropriate they are for me? Please.


Great logo, love his line (and blog) but havechickened out so far on purchasing.


i love those last leggings, so incredible! and well done with the logo because it looks amazing!


YAY for James!!!! He is a legging master. I can't wait to get on board.

Love the spiderman pair!!


hi! have just found your blog and seriously it is fantastic. i really love how british women wear they daily outfit. they never go wrong in my eyes. i will come back here again for sure!

that logo is simply great! and the leggings are awesome!, especially that spiderman type. omg omg fabulous!


Queen Michelle

Sister, they are probably deeply inappropriate for you and for me...but that's what makes them so RIGHT! I hit 36 on Sunday and I decided I was definitely going to age very disgracefully, so as soon as I have the dosh I'm getting these - of course I will spare the general public the sight of my knobbly old knees popping out between the holes...ew!

Sister Wolf

36?!?! You are hardly even born!!!!


You did a great job designing the logo! I just received my Cages in gold and can't wait to try them on! Loved your pics in the Cages!

xo, Becs

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