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Tuesday, 21 April 2009



It looks beautiful with the neckpiece, wow.


All I can really say is wow. But also that with the gold and black leggings, you look absolutely wonderful


gosh queen michelle you are totally killing it!


Never before have I been so excited to see a Power Rangers reference. You are, as always, brilliant.


Absolutely amazing! They look great with the Givenchy's! And I love that Giia neckpiece, must get me one of those :)


I really love how the necklace softens the dress.


fab dress, i love how you have styled it


love it all! esp the last blazer!!

Emma Griffiths (e.g...)

Queen Michelle, you are the greatest. You look absolutely amazing in that dress!!


haha.. power rangers.. you look nothing near them with that beautiful dress! loving the whole look, and the gold/black leggings.

Cambon la Pelouse

Queen Michelle, you look great. But I like the Emilio de la Morena 'original' much, much better. The white on that one makes it look like sportswear.

Queen Michelle

Cambon it's not meant to be a version of the Emilio de la Morena dress, it's just the colour and the cut that are quite similar, but essentially the dresses are completely different. The sportwear reference is deliberate. That's actually what I love most about it!


There is this great antitranspiration trick for such Lycra or leather dresses. I leave an opening in the armhole stitch, usualy at the back. Now, it would be pity to cut a new dress, but it works...
this royal blue suits you well


Pot belly?! What are you talking about?! You look amazing, and if there is any fat on your belly - that's normal for us ladies. Uncounted number of women would just kill to have your body - definitely no Spanx needed for you. P.S. Love your blog and treasure trove of new info and inspiration I get through it.


You just amaze me, QM. Only you could take such a specific piece and make it look entirely versatile.


The blue is so bright and gorgeous


OH!!! You look amazing! You need your own comic book, Michelle!


Jaw-dropping! I loooove it with the superhero tights hahaha. xoxo


I love it, you look absolutely amazing! That colour of blue really suits you.


this is absolutely amazing!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Queen Michelle, Superhero! Able to style an outfit with panache and lightning speed! (What other super hero qualities would you like me to add?) No spanx needed dearie, you are perfect!


I think the proof that this is the perfect piece for you is that you already have so many other items that compliment it so well. I love it when I get something new that melds perfectly into my wardrobe, yet breathes new life into things at the same time. You're going to have tons of fun in this dress, I can feel it!

Ms. Smart

you are a trip
love the super hero bit
very funny


Looking great -- but I personally am a big fan of Spanx :-)


Ohh never before have I wished more I was an ectomorph and not a mesomorph!

Dress = fab
Leggings = divine!

D + L + QM = superhero!



Lady Winona of Likey

You were always a superhero in my heart, but now you look the part! (And I rhyme! Even better!)

Queen Michelle

Aw LadyW - I love you!!!



Chekka Cuomova

crazy dress! super awesome! I used to have power rangers costume back then but I gave it to my niece because I thought I wouldn't wear it anymore. Now I regret it. :'(


It fits you so perfectly and I really love that color on you! You look better in it then the model for the look book does!


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