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Wednesday, 25 March 2009



Love that shirt..It's sooo cool.;D

Tor (Fab Frocks)

What an amazing T shirt and its even more special because it has a great back story - can't wait til pay day!


Congrats Michelle!


bigger pic of the shirt?


It`s one of the coolest t-shirts ever!! However, due to our poor Brazilian Real in relation to the strong Pound, I`ll restrain myself from buying lest bankruptcy. But wait until I go back to Dublin!!! lol


I remember when you posted that picture. HOW AMAZING. I might need this.


LOVE IT! I would love to see a whole mini collection of graphic tees designed by you, it's REALLY exactly what I'm looking for in a basic T


hey lady it looks great!


I love a shirt with a story. Your uncle sounds awesome.


i wish i had a cool uncle like that.
& the t-shirt is love.

Frankie - Swell Vintage

It's gorgeous x


Wow I love this tee!


Beyond words! The fact that it has such a great story behind it just makes me love it more. So so great.


This is fantastic - great rendition, great history!


yoww, so much fabulous in one item of clothing !
completely changes my view on the print after hearing that, and the little cuffed-up sleeves are precious.


Oh wow! I love teds and this is fab! I love the nostalgia of this and also that it means so much to you! Thank you for sharing this with everyone else!

Queen Michelle

Natty, I think my uncle would have been chuffed that his youth had been captured forever on a teeshirt and that people might be wearing it. Also, the Queen Mum would have LOVED this as she adored her brother...and rock 'n' roll!


oh god I deffo need this now...
I just bought tavi's tee though so I have to save up for this one...

Queen Michelle

Britte, there is an error in the price - it's actually meant to be $35 not £35, so it's being fixed today I am assured.

Queen Marie

I have just noticed that it say "Queen Michelle' printed on the collar inside! Making it even more wonderful xxx

Sir Midas

I never wear a new t-shirt. I prefer old ones with dubiously smutty mottos. But I am seriously considering making an exception for this. Great work!

Queen Michelle

He's smoking a fag which isn't very pc, but granted - it's not very smutty!


hola me encanta tu estilo


es maravilloso totalmente 80´


I saw this and totally thought it was Davey Havok. ha.

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