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Friday, 20 March 2009



I just did a photography presentation on underwater photography, and I have to agree it is astounding! The images are always breath-taking, not to mention, extremely difficult to pull off! Lovely lovely.


Wow! They're so magical! Extraordinary pictures!


These are absolutely magically- coming from another swimming-challenged person!

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Little Style Box

Those pictures are absolutely amazing !
It reminds me of the underwated pictures of David Lachapelle, but with a stronger work on stylism.


these are incredible! *and* - i have the same black antique aeroflight helmet as the beautiful creature in the third image down.

are they really shot underwater?


I'm fascinated by the dress and fabric in the third picture. Do you think you'd have to be in perpetual motion to keep it from being limp and awkward?


Staying land-bound seems like the best idea. But these pictures are just magical, and so inviting too. I can see how the urge to immerse yourself was born :)


Oh my! these images are completely amazing! I love them.


simplem excelente... magnifico.!!!!!

Sherman Unkefer

Wow!! its a magical the picture are completely amazing to watch.

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