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Thursday, 26 February 2009


Kat George

You hit the nail on the head- each piece taken on its own is going to be an utter sucess. I doubt very much topshop shoppers will put full looks together like this. But a shoe here, a dress there- you've got yourself a collection that's garnered so much attention on the runway people are going to be hanging out for it's arrival! xx


You are so right. I particularly love the ufo landing over london tunic with the amazing shoulders... My favourite looks are up on my blog, and I'm definitely thinking of DIY-ing the black body con dress with neon 'dress' squiggle-painted on ;-D Neon fabric paint... WOOP!


What an incredible collection! I look forward to seeing what makes it to the online store, as I seem to miss 99.9% of what I see on the runway. Some pieces are just gorgeous when dissected from each other, and I definitely could never wear the look as a whole.


I agree with Cassiopeia - I love the London tunic dress with the far out shoulders - I really hope that this gets into the stores.

Im in two minds re. the collection - the techno punk elements were quite fresh and felt new but it just reminded me too much of my uni days spent tripping out in Planet Angel (techno club!)

Also I was looking at the NY fash week collections and a particular look on the 3.1 phillip lim catwalk made me think of you;


I like this collection. I think it's about time Topshop risked something, and they certainly did here. Let's hope they steer clear of '80s styling next time around, though; I agree with you that it's been with us long enough. Once I see a look trickle down to the high street shops, I am ready for the next indicated thing.


They did, indeed, take some real risks here. I'll be curious to observe consumer reaction once these pieces hit the racks, but I, for one, see MANY pieces I'd love to own.


eeeek, topshop.. lacking in originality

the oversize knit scarves are totally Giles 18 months ago. And the shredded vests are SS09 Rodarte.. I realize it's high street fashion repackaged at a different price point, but is imitation really the sincerest- and most legal- form of flattery?

Queen Michelle

I don't see that Topshop have particularly ripped anyone off to be honest. Oversized knits are nothing new, not even when Giles did them. Who owns the rights to oversized knits?
As for shredded garments - well that's been happening for some time now, pre-Rodarte, at street level, so I think Topshop have simply tapped into what's current, which is their job as a high steet retailer. If these pieces go into production they will fly off the shelves, which will make a resounding success.

Frankie - Swell Vintage

I still love Daisy Lowe x

Sister Wolf

It looks like we'll all be wearing leather or pvc leggings whether we want to or not!


while topshop seems to be going from strength to strength, why is it that its male equivalent topman seems to be stuck on bland, in todays world they might realise that its not only women who like to experiment with fashion, why can't both of the shops have an overall theme, i would love to wear some of this futuristic stuff but unfortuanately i'm a guy, and not one of those skinny petite guys who fit into womens clothes, but a tall broad guy, why is it that topman is such a letdown compared to TS????

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