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Friday, 27 February 2009



Ooh! Those shoes are gorgeous, but look positively unsteady! Love the gorgeous bold and warm-toned colours, and so sculptural! Shame they require a figure of a 13 year old on stilts...

jeanie annan-lewin

I LOVE him so much could be the nicest guy in the world

Dave C.

Regardless of the quality of the clothes it was the usual parade of eating disorders... made somehow worse by the corpulent Emilio's appearance at the end.

Queen Michelle

Yes, Dave C the models were thin. But if you are only ever going to concentrate on how thin models are then fashion shows are probably best avoided.


I love Logan's Run! He could do the costumes for sure and JP could do them for a remake of Dune... xj


I really love the shapes, the colors, the fabrics. Ahhhhh.


These are so beautiful! Although not as artistic some of those shift type dresses towards the end look quite wearable to me.


I agree with Brigadeiro... lovely, but who realistically can pull these off?


Posh Swaps

Wow some amazing shapes. I always wonder if they include some elements of structural engineering on the fashion courses.


OOOOOH this is awesome! I've always been a fan of Emilio's since the time you first talked him up (and especially since Susie's Gucci party dress last year), it's so nice to see him getting more attention.

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