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Friday, 27 February 2009



a fashyion friend of mine who was at the show too told me about this, drummed up images of a somewhat crusty lollipop, coldsore for a head and stickly limbs.

poor alexa, i actually quite like her, but its nice to know that she is mortal after all.


Well, this makes me feel better. I guess even the lofty Alexa can get coldsores like the rest of us!



haha, she had it on T4 and the other presenters were being skitting her!




kinda not funny , just cruel .... oh dear another has fallen from the pedestal

Queen Michelle

Lily, that's why it's a ManBITCH - the clue's in the title!

jeanie annan-lewin

she's probably lovely and all but why do i want to inflict a silly amount of pain on her whenever i see her. i think its coz she has all that chanel that i want.


Haha! Gotta love our manbitches! :) Did anyone hear him besides you? :) Haha!


this made me laugh so hard... ;)


It's somehow nice but then again not very nice really to know that even "celebs" get the dreaded lip lergy!
I'm not surprised she was being camera shy, I bet she was fuming that it had to appear during London fashion week, so many photo-ops missed...nevermind!


how jelaous you people are! alexa is a queen, and she does not claim this nick herself, she makes people call her like that with the things she do!
i.e: she appeared with that coldsore without covering it in the NME Awards and took her award as the best dressed!
saluto vi!:)


Check today's Guardian which features 'Alexa Chung's recession chic.' Alexa Chung appears inside wearing a £1014 jumpsuit and an £895 Mulberry skirt. Recession, hah! She's also, in my opinion, quite boring in the interview. People aren't jealous Lila: they're just not sycophants.

Thanks lovely Queen, for the Aldo Froling boots tip: they are such great boots.


Ha! Clearly, ManBitch is awesome.


The £1014 jumpsuit was Stella McCartney by the way.


Haha, I just read that she claimed to have the cold sores because she used the wrong toothpaste.

Queen Michelle

Wrong toothpaste eh? Well she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight, she looked like she'd been up all night and has a massive cold sore...a cynical person might suggest Ms Chung has been, how shall we say - partying somewhat...
My Prince has also suggested that if was indeed the wrong toothpaste then The Singing Detective must have went totally mental with his Colgate. (possibly only UK peeps of a certain age will remember The Singing Detective)


Alexa Chung really annoys me too! she is a crap presenter and she's only famous because she is pretty and goes out a lot wearing "kooky" things...when in fact her uniform is a short skirt, loafers and a blouse!! wayyy unique or what??!


im not ashamed to admit that i have a massive girl crush on her.


That is actually quite funny. And I love Alexa. (Hate coldsores though. Ugh.)


Haw haw!

Frankie - Swell Vintage

Ha! Her cold sore made me laugh a lot - especially her desperate attempts to hide it. Just let it all hang out, Alexa! x


randomly enough i just read some column she writes the other day and she said she had some sort of allergic reaction to an old-fashioned toothpaste...she described it as being from her own toxic saliva...which i thought was odd so i guess it was probably just herpes...? ew

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