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Wednesday, 25 February 2009



Oh no! That's such a shame that you came away feeling disappointed. My advice is do one day in the Soho/West End area (allowing time for coffees/drinks/food) and another day in East London - again with drinks etc and finishing in a bar or club in both of them. If you have a third day you could venture to Dover Street, Portobello, Upper Street etc.

But of course I don't have blog duties or get invited to fashion shows so that's easy for me to say. Good thing Bang Bang and East End Thrift (and some friends) didn't let you down anyway.


I'm glad you're back woohooo!!! I cant wait to see your outfit pictures and reviews too


Yeah I guess it's best when you get invites to the shows, otherwise it should mainly be a pain in the ass. Sad you couldn't enjoy the Topshop show as much as you wanted to, but glad you had some good moments during that trip despite of all the unfortunate things including knee injuries reappearing!
Personally, I can't wait to go back to London but for me it'll only be enjoying the city and shopping of course - I bet fashion shows is a thing for itself!

welcome back!

Carl Starling

I'm sorry you had such a rubbish time in London. I have been hearing reports lkike this all over the place about the shambolic situations at shows, and the extremely poor way press are treated here in London. It's really giving us a bad name. I even went to a show at On/Off which turned out to also be a bit of a pavalova!

I love the East End thrift store - full of little beauties, and such a huge turn-around of stock too. My housemate works in Bang, so this is always a definate stop-off for me. One of the only 'vintage' shops in London which actually has interesting and different menswear (a break from the norm of scandinavian jumpers and checked shirts!).

Welcome back though, and I am sure upon reflection you will indeed find some little gems to write about.


Glad to hear you made it to the East End trifth shop. Much better than beyond retro et al!

Re. shows and blogging, I have found it hard to even check and blog, let alone go to any shows!

Sorry to hear about your knee - I take it you didnt manage to shake your thang at Fabric then?


Your shopping day sounds amazing! I'm sorry all of your trip wasn't so great...I can't wait to see the pictures though!


I am sorry to hear that your trip to London was a little mixed:( I would love to see what you wore and bought though. Will as always be amazing!

If you could, could you please link my blog?

Caz x


Posted the wrong link to my blog, apologies:

fashion victim

oh queen i saw you in kensington and had to stop myself chashing you down the street incase you thought i was a nut job!
London is crazy but if your ever in that part again i throughly recomend the french cake shop on kensington high street and a disco dance in Shunt to ease your


Such a mixed bag ... sorry you encountered such hassle, lady!


I feel you pain re: taxis. The circle and district lines being down on the Saturday made everything very expensive. I spent all my shopping/food money on taxis but I did go on the fashion week bus from John Rocha to Charles Anastase. Good invention.

Kat George

Oh you poor thing! The shows were a shambles compared to S/S in September. I only ended up going to about 4-5 despite having invites for most shows... I just couldn't comprehend it! Rush Rush Rush Rush, 40 minute wait, 10 minute show RUSH RUSH RUSH- on repeat! In the end I just gave up. It came down to speading 5 odd hours travelling around just for two shows- Plain silly! x

Becky C

I work just around the corner from Bang Bang, it's amazing! Along with Marshmallow Mountain in Kingly Court it has to be my favourite shop in London!

Becky C

I work just around the corner from Bang Bang, it's amazing! Along with Marshmallow Mountain in Kingly Court it has to be my favourite shop in London!


I'm sorry to hear your knee abandoned you in your time of need. (kneed.)

Too bad about the cockup that was Topshop. Anyway, it sounds like the trip wasn't a total loss, and I hope the next one is a lot better.

I can't wait to see what you wore, and what you bought!

etc etc woof woof blah

god you whining old bag!


Multitasking is something I've struggled with in the past two weeks and my blog has suffered for it.... it really annoys me....

Disneyrollergirl told me about Topshop! I'm surprised Topshop didn't treat you better really.... the venue was REALLY REALLY hot that day.... though coming back from minus 5 temps in New York, 10 degrees felt tropical... what did you think of the collection overall?

Emilio was awesome...literally walked in just as his show was starting.... the theme of my week has been being late for everything....

Regarding getting shows as a blogger, it's really a tricky one....some are so cagey and some are super friendly... I think it's getting better though as bloggers just used to be a no-go-zone at all...

Glad you loved East End Thrift and Bang Bang though...hope you find a treasure there next time round... maybe come during non-fashion week to make it more pleasurable.... and yes, the circle line is a total mess...I avoid it at all costs...
Hope your knee is better and sorry I missed you at the TS show...had to stay behind after to do interviews....

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Oh poor you and your knee! What an awful time for the injury to recur. Love those converse your Prince has most excellent taste! (As do you!) Sorry to hear it was a mashed up experience for you. I find whenever I'm in London both the District and Circle lines are messed up somehow, never fails.

Oh, btw, finally got my blog started and I linked.

Cheers and Welcome Back!

Queen Michelle

Fashion Victim - you should have come and said hello! it's nice to be able to speak to people in a city which I don't know. Makes me feel like a stranger.
etc etc woof woof blah - yes I am! And you can comment under all the names you like, 'vif' for example, because I know your IP address. But just so you know - you come across as sounding jealous, which is very unattractive darling.
Susie - I saw you after the show, we were all literally 3 feet from you but you were getting your picture taken so I didn't want to intrude. Emilio was just AMAZING!!!
Overall, I realise I should have stayed a few more days which would have allowed me to do shopping too and not feel as hurried as I was.


sorry for your underwhelming trip and i hope you're feeling better now.
while i've enjoyed the company of Queen Marie ive missed your posts too! glad to have you back :)

Edith Purdy

I always find that the shows are a lot like jury service. Lots of boring waiting around for 10 minutes of interesting stuff. Then back to waiting around or travelling between shows. It's surprisingly exhausting.

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