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Tuesday, 24 February 2009



I really like the crucifix one...very Madonna indeed!


I'm loving the bat! :)

The Style PA

The bat rocks. The way it sits so wide on the neck would make it really stand out as something a bit different.


Love the bat necklace! And was just waychin DS Susan on the weekend, love that movie!




yes, i also love the width of the bat! it would look so good on a bare piece of chest.


the cross one is sort of a lighter interpretation of the givenchy one..loves it.


wow! that bat necklace! :D so pretty, in a dark sort of way!
I love it!


That bat is bad a**!!!!

Sister Wolf

Oooooh! I'm going there right now.


You definately wouldn't have to worry about vampires with that cross necklace! Buffy could have used it!

The bat one is great fun, as long as it's worn with a little tongue in cheek attitude!

Jenny Blå

now i´m sad...
i can´t choose between all the beauty on her wedsite!
And the fantastic names.
"draped death", "shark attac"
I´m in love. Thanks for a great tip !!

noirohio vintage

I love Tara!
Amazing jewelry... amazing girl!

Montreal Fashion Minds

Love the tangled crosses! They remind me of a toned down version of the layered cross chains they showed on the Givenchy Fall 2008 runway.

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I *love* bats! I purchased a smaller version of that about 30 years ago in a shop on Portobello Road. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments. This one is lovely with the way its so wide and will sit on your neck. Thanks for the link, I may have to get one of those... I'm feeling like an old bat who needs more bats!

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