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Thursday, 05 February 2009



LOVED that editorial!


I liked that editorial too, but I don't feel too much urge to replicate. The swimcap is my favourite piece!

By the way, were you drunk when you typed this or just in a hurry due to new job pressure? I don't think I've ever seen so many typos before on KoS!


I hadn't seen that editorial, but also dig it. I always think of neons with black ... but they look amazing with sheer pastels in complimentary colors.

Queen Michelle

hahaha! yes, in a major hurry so most posts during the day will now have loads of typos as I have no time to proof read them.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst

Amazing editorial.


I've never gotten over my love for neon, but my love for visors is long gone.


that is one of my favourite editorials, it's quite breathtaking!


I love this ed. Makes me want something neon to layer under a lace piece. Mmmmm.


The Eva Nip visors really make me think of the headwear of lego men... but in a hot way

Frankie - Swell Vintage

I love the softness of the neons - proof that neon isn't just for nu ravers! x


Love Love Love

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