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Friday, 13 February 2009



that's very clever yet easy to produce
witty designs are always good to find thanx for sharing


Wow, certainly unique, the red & white chair is my favourite...

Carl Starling

I need that updated 'love seat' in my room...absolutely gorgeous.


oh I love those! Although they can be a bit disconcerting too..
The love seat is my favourite and, as you say, it's great to see the blend of old and new styles.


omg that is so cool! What a good idea! I would totally buy one of those chairs if I didn't have an overabundance of chairs already.


Dave C.

Brilliant. As with all the best ideas, it prompts you to ask 'why did no one think of doing that before?'.

Mary Lowell

hey I'm trying to find your e-mail but it only opens up via mail client and mine isn't working. anyway I saw this designer and thought of you.


love the two-headed chair! or the 'double chair' or however one would describe it. it's fantastic and would look amazing in my place ... dare i ask the number on the price ticket?

Queen Michelle

JW no idea how much it costs - no prices on the site as it's just really his blog.
Mary, some of her stuff is really nice. The gladiator top looks familiar...great minds?


Love this furniture, very cool and unique. Great concept!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~


i love that it looks like a very true morph of two very old chairs, so although it is obviously man-made + modern there is a natural feeling in there still, of these two chairs being sort of stretched out of one being. not really sure how to put it into words. at any rate i wish i knew how to build furniture. thanks for the wonderful post Queen Michelle. x jw


Incredible. I love it when people carry out their Great Ideas.


Can you spell C-O-O-L-N-E-S-S?


that last one. must have been featured on a blog recently as i happened upon it yesterday and was struck by it. nice to see some more.


How every curious indeed...
I greatly enjoy how experimental designers are getting with interiors these days.

sebastian brajkvic

thanks for the compliments!
I am the actual designer of these chairs, I
just had an opening at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London with some new things as well... check out
These chairs are made in a limited edition series of 8, bronze casted and the fabric is needle-stitch embroidered.
the price varies from 14000 pound tot 35000 pound. the 2-seater is 20000 pound.

thanks again for the great cheering...

Frankie - Swell Vintage

wow! i've never seen anything like them! thank you x


oh god those are beautiful.

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