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Tuesday, 20 January 2009



It's doing nothing for me although i would like to see how people wear/style the garments themselves, see if i can be converted.


love the jeans, biker jacket, floral tunic, and the outfit with the lace top and dotted skirt. if only.... they shipped to canada.


wholly crap...I love all of this!!!


jesus christ.


oh my god i love them all!


Whoa! Side ponytail.


That shirtdress with the rope layer is straight up Miki Fukai SS06!!


whoa, look at the rodarte ripoff. the string vest thing looks interesting.


this is Topshop at its best, everything is just Perfect, i can imagine the studded jeans would suit you perfectly


I love the studded skinnies, studded biker jacket, floral dress with floral blazer, the union jack blazer, that loose fitting sweater.. Who am I kidding, I love it all!


Cor blimey! Love the second outfit most, with the studded jacket and crazy leggings, but it's all super impressive, bet the rodarte-style jumper sells out in a flash tho... :(

Rae rae

Ah but the shoes weren't that good in the 90's


loving the UNion jacket, rodarte-like sweater and corsettts... thanks so much for putting these up..


I want the Union Jack jacket & the floral blazer. I'm really hoping our local Topshop would carry these.


This is so much fun...looking at it makes me feel like seventeen again!

Pretty Portobello

The union jacket is making me to go there tomorrow!


I love those acid-wash jean/leggings, but I think I'll leave the rest to everyone else. I'm too old now!

pretty face

Your sentence about 2009's take on the the 90s revival of the 80s is so great. It really sums up what fashion is about, reinventing and reinterpreting, and adding personal/modern touches to the essential idea of putting clothes on your back!


I love the twists they've thrown in to make it slightly less throwback-y. The skinny jean, studded belt, plaid button-down is my favorite look of the group.


Rae rae - That's exactly what I was thinking, it's like the 90's but with better shoes!


I love the romantic look but not the leggings and futuristic items. Anyway, Topshop is and will be my favourite shop ^^


Brilliant collection. It's like taking the best of the past three decades, and mashing them all into one look.

vanessa datorre

Love all looks!! specially the acid wash denim!!!


i love the outfit with the polka dot skirt and blue bustier! lovely!


Funnily, now that I no longer live in the UK, I am liking the union jack on blazer/shoes/bags (McQueen & Chanel), this one looks quite do-able! :)

Emcee Morgan

Though I'm sure you could pull it off, 80s fashion hurts my soul.

Then again, the outfits in their entirety may not appeal to me, but there are some pieces in there that are extremely likable.


Union Jacket is absolutely brilliant! Thank god Topshop ships to Australia!

Seeing as how you really seem to like Topshop, I am a little surprised that Topshop poster boy Noel Fielding/Vince Noir has never (to my knowledge) been mentioned on this blog.


Yes!!! Frankly, I had enough of pretty-prettiness last summer - I want grunge!


Christ. Stonewashed jeans. And Leopard print. Love it.


I have always thought that the 90s was an era of the worst fashion ever but this..this noughties take on the 90s revial of the 80s is GENIUS! drrolllllll.....


Love it all. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The tights, the studded leggings, the studded leather jackets, the huge needle knit top,the pastelle florals... all of it.

xx-LJ from SOS!


mmmm the babydollskirt...


I feel no nostalgia for the '90s... that might explain why i am completely averse to these clothes. Eek.


I want that red, white, and blue blazer SO BAD!!!!


LOVE the rope dress and the black harem pants look like a nice cut.... but the styling of this LookBook horrible. It's all over the place!

Carl Starling

I really DO like the collection, but never before have I seen such a blatent rip=off of the catwalks. It's great that those of us with a smaller budget can get our little mitts on pieces like these - but where has originality gone these days?

kirsty lee

can imagine everyone'll be wearing the rodarte jumper.... still, i think i want it


It's all SO GOOD. I must start saving now. No more shopping til this stuff is available! I want to be swaddled in florals and studs.


they always seem to come up with ways to let us spend all our money


sorry if i sound clueless... but where did u get these pics??


EEK! And why has no-one mentioned the frankly scary Croydon facelift coiff?


those white, fringed ankle boots are as hideous as they were back in the 80's although the other stuff could easily be worked into an outfit.


Where can i buy the union jack jacket? I cant see it on the web


WHERE IS THE STUDDED LEATHER JACKET! I have yet to see it in store and likewise online it is MIA - is it ever going to be available? I need it in my life!

Queen Michelle

Kirsty, I have seen this jacket very recently, so it may be on it's way or it's been and gone. OK, that was no help! But I have seen it and I think is/was available. Still no help!

Georgia Hayden

I want those studded trousers and all the floral stuff!! Where from?!!

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