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Saturday, 17 January 2009


Noelle Chantal

i really like the simple cut and details of this coat.

i love this too.
i want this too.

great blog!


I like your blog!


Ugh, every time Gilt runs a Helmut Lang sale I have to sit on my hands. When that sale opened I couldn't find anything I wouldn't wear. I bought a few things the last time they had one but I had to behave this week.

Question though, do they even ship to the UK? I just moved to London from NY and though I still stalk the Gilt sales I usually have things shipped to friends who then bring it when they visit.

ミシシッピ。 viv 。ワット

AGH! I know how you feel!!!!! once you have one, its hard not to go back. normally, i agonize and agonize... putting an item in the shopping cart, taking it out, browsing around some more... leaving it in the basket.. sleeping on it... trying to multiply the cost with how long I intend to live.... SIGH. i feel for you!

Prêt-à-Porter P

i got turned off from lang after i tried on their pants and the fit was horrendous


Oh gosh, that dentists bill sucks! Good luck!


Yeah, I have to stop getting their daily newsletters letting me know about a sale! So tempting...

The coat is very nice, but I think I might be able to get away making one myself and add my own little touches :-).


that coat is more important then good teeth. no1 will notice your false teeth when your wearing that coat.xx


unfortunately, Helmut Lang has not been designed by the master himself for the past few years after being sold off.

it just isn't the same.
the new Lang is operated by the same people who run the contemporary label Theory and the design is a pale imitation...

Run's House

that coat is represents simplicity, simplicity at its greatest... I'm simply loving it..


Stupid dentist bill.

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