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Tuesday, 27 January 2009



The designs and sketches are stunning! My favourite piece is the blouse in the 3rd picture, so ethereal!

Dave C.

Really wonderful stuff, a masterclass in how to do goth without being goth. It's great to see some sketchbook pages too. The red velvet underneath the skirt in picture one makes it look like she's standing in a pool of blood! Inspired.

Make Do Style

I love seeing sketches and the Italian Renaissence reference is nicely executed.

rianna bethany

I'm loving this collection, it's beautifully dramatic and your right in saying it doesn't over do any religious contexts.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx


This is so me, I gasped when I typed in your blog name!!!

The stunning headpiece, the ridic ruffle-layer blouse, the black architectural ruffle collar/scarf....want. love. will marry!

thanks heaps for sharing, I adore this....will have to further investigate :)

Carl Starling

Wow, this girl is amazing - her websiote is filled with beautiful drawings, which would count as works of art in their own right. Stunning.

Frankie - Swell Vintage

Wow, epic design and I love the styling of her shoot! x


Love the photos, theyre AMAZING!!


Im so up for anything Renaissance inspired-- especially when done this impeccably. Iam in love with the 3rd piece.. its so nice and frothy.


The photography is wonderful. Just wonderful.

Ashe Mischief

I'm so enamoured with their hair and make-up, I can't even pay attention to the clothes!


Those sketches are absolutely magical looking. Like illustrations for a fairy story.


Very inspired!


Creating beautiful, descriptive sketches like those is something I really wish I could do better. I think I'm too impatient. She has some real talent, both in her designs and art!

The Six Six Sick Girls

Absolutely amazing. I love that she uses ecclesiastical fabric and those couture headpieces are something else.

Sister Wolf

Stunning. I can imagine Queen Marie wearing some of those head pieces, with her long red hair flying.


the organza pleating is much handy work.
xx-LJ from SOS!


those are some seriously gorgeous clothes! I love fashion that's really dark and creepy-looking


dang i love sketches
they are so inspiring to look at
and it's amazing to see the finished product compared to the sketch


She has a bit of the Eiko Ishioka about her, doesn't she?? Amazing!!!

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