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Thursday, 29 January 2009



Nice! I just posted you as Black look of the day on the site So Long as it is Check it out!

Keep up the good work!


I'm so glad you are blogging about Nom*D Michelle! such a great label

If you are interested (or any other bloggers), Nom*D is available internationally here-

along with many other great NewZealand labels :)


New Zealand designers are great! so proud


Hey queen M, I don't know if you already know this, but you have a small feature in one of our most read woman's / fashion magazines; flair! (over here in belgium)
They posted your asymetrical black top (with the one shoulder) diy, and your picture in it as well.
If they didn't ask you, is it legal? :D

Queen Michelle

Hey thanks Marie! I don't actually wear black all that often, but it is my favoured colour when it comes to putting together textural outfits.
Ah I love Genereal Cucumber - sadly everything I want is always sold out!
Annebeth, I didn't know that! Pity I can't get a hold of the magazine. Thanks for letting me know though x


Wow, even though I was 'steeling' myself, I also gasped at that last shot, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Love Nom*D, and several other NZ designers...(Zambesi being another one I love)


Well you look good in black!! Would you like to contribute to our "My favorite Black" category? Just a few lines about it and a picture of it and one of yourself? If you are intressted just send me a mail!


Oh I adore this! You'd think that being so close to NZ would mean we'd get a better selection of their stuff, but not a chance. Pffft :P


Very well said my dear Queen! I love the three skinny belts together, I'll have to try that sometime.


Here are some looks you might enjoy Queen Michelle!

Frankie - Swell Vintage

gorgeous x


YEY and a Dunedin label! love it

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