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Wednesday, 07 January 2009



they're pretty!:)

Miss Urbanita

Love all them, but second ones are adorables!!!
Thanks for the web information. Kisses ;)

pretty face

Wow, that is A LOT of floral tights. Beautiful. I've seen a couple of woolly pairs in Urban Outfitters but I am wary of the magical leg-thickening properties of woolly tights so I will have to check out River Island. Did you buy these recently/do you think they'd still be in stock?

Queen Michelle

Pretty Face, the River Island ones were still in stock last week so yup you should still be able to get them xx

Lisa F.



i've lingered on these in both river island and on the celeste stein site many times but i know that actually purchasing would be pointless as i'd probably never wear them.

they look fab on you though!


They look amazing on you and you've convinced me I need some.


Ohhh my. I have been considering floral tights for awhile now and I think they are exactly what I need to brighten up the winter gloom that has set in. Thanks for the links!


lovely. adore the top left ones.

i'm impressed how flower-like they still look i always imagined them stretching and looking pixelated on me.


hey michelle!
I just ordered 3 pairs from forever21 for like 5 dollars each. You inspire me!!!

Jessica Rae

I'm loving these!

Chic Looks

I got the one from river island as a christmas present and im so impressed with the quality too. Happy new year by the way!!

Carl Starling

Wonderful tights! I'm so glad River have upped their game recently, some quite seriously fashion forward things coming out of them at the moment...impressive.


Ooh, I got a pair from the Love Tights website yesterday and I absolutely love them!! I traipsed all round Glasgow on Saturday and couldn't find any....although didn't look in River Island:( Typical!! Anyways, I love my new floral tights and can't wait to wear them.

Carol x


I love your taste in leg wear =) So Hot


wow they are lush
ive been hesitant to buy floral tights but you have inspired me to think sod it, im going to buy some :)
mela x


Im such a stinge! i saw the perfect floral ones in R.I the other day and could not justify forking out £8 for them as I am careless and WILL rip them...! reading this is like a sign i should go get them lol!!

Poster Girl

I have two (rather thin and see-through) pairs from Forever 21, but yours look amazing, and I now I'm wishing River Island shipped to the U.S.! I picked up a paisley pair at R.I. when I was traveling in Scotland, and I'm quite happy with the quality.

maisie #1

that is quite impressive! the only floral i have managed to obtain in the form of tights is a pair of black lace tights... which are too saggy to even wear :(

i especially like the first and second pair. wait, no. i can't decide, i like them all!

oh man, i wish wish wish that river island shipped to australia!

xo /maisie #1


I was looking at celeste stein last night, and I liked so many of them I didn't know which ones to pick! So i just left it... I must revisit!
xx-LJ from SOS!


i love them!

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