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Friday, 19 December 2008



omg, duh! i feel so stupid now... hahaha i'm going to do this this weekend. thanks love!


where did you get the studded necklace?????
ive been looking for one like that for ages!


Simply brilliant. And, naturally, looks unbearably sexy on you, lady.

You are an artist!

I am so lazy for a DIY.....


Looks so simple.. i bet when I try Ill make a mess of it


Fabulous idea. I too have been trying to find a decent one-shouldered top but they're always either completely hideous or not quite right.. maybe I'm just fussy ^_^


Looks great, especially with the pile of necklaces!

Market Publique

Love it! Now this is a DIY project I can get done!


I love it! I also love the outfit you showed it with. Did you see AA's version? I like yours more, and people said that the AA one was too short, so I think your way is best.



Amazing! I definitely will be making this one shoulder shirt too! :)


Love it. Also LOVEEEE the skinnies.


Frankie - Swell Vintage

you are brilliant x


the simple things are the greatest!
and the jewelery.... ahhh... amazing I have a crush on that picture


where did you get the original t-shirt from? it's the perfect length!


Now, that's one of those things you could sell on Etsy. Honestly.

Dressed and Pressed

Awesome cool and ridiculously easy.

Emcee Morgan

Oh so pretty. It's terribly unfair that you're both photogenic and capable of tackling DIY projects. I pretty much fail miserably at both (especially the latter, I have the sewing skills of a bonobo monkey).


I just did something similar with a long sleeve dress!. So simple and effective

May I ask where did you get that interesting chain link necklace? I love it

thanks, Laura


Great job on the top, and those necklaces are gorgeous!!


looks fabulouse!!

Queen Michelle

Daniela: Studded necklace is from a charity shop
Iris: I bought it years ago in River Island
Laura: The chain necklace is actually parts of a few necklaces I joined together
Emcee: But bonobo monkeys are AMAZINGLY cute though!

Patricia Fluxista

i wish i hand your crafty hands!!! everytime i try to make a DIY project i make a mess!! hahahhah... congrats for the blog, i'm a daily follower!!!


genius. and the styling of this outfit is fantastic. one of my favorites of yours. love it!

belle fantaisie

it looks awesome with the leggings/trousers


Very clever. That gives me an idea . . . .


LOVE this! i tried to make a one-sleeve shirt out of this gorgeeeous shirt i had bought from a vintage shop and all i really ended up with was scrap material......wahhh. love this outfit, love all that you do! xx


...ummm wow.

I have shiny leggings tooo... and cool boots... hmmmm


I love the end result, good job!


well played!

Bella wanna be

i love this idea i would like a little more details on measurement cuz i suck at these and also i wonder if its easy to sew it my hand or machine???

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