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Wednesday, 31 December 2008



This post is dreamy and amazing... I don't know what I'd do without your blog queens !
Best wishes !

Frankie - Swell Vintage

Gorgeous gorgeous shots x


Beautiful pictures. And I like those boots too.


looks beautiful there. happy 2009!


A glimpse of the prince! How exciting!


Lovely! x


I love pincones and purple tights, I'm actually wearing a pair today!:


Sounds cold, but really lovely! I so wish I lived in UK. That may sound as weird, as I'm from a Greek island, but you know what they say... The grass is always greener!
Happy New Year!


Great boots, beautiful pinecones, a camera-shy Prince (if you ask me, definitely a good-looking royalty) and some green vegetation...I'm so envious! It's -10C where I am; - 17 with the wind chill factor, it's snowing and not much greenery in sight at all! Nevertheless - Happy 2009 to the Queens and everyone from freezing Toronto!!!


What a beautiful place! One day I will live somewhere beautiful and romantic like that...I hope!
Happy new year everyone, have a fantastic 2009!!

Sister Wolf

It is so unbelievably lovely there. If only I could punch MY Prince!

Dave C.

OMG! The Prince!


So beautiful!

My mum lives in Scotland and is always sending me photos of the view from their back door, which is rolling hillsides and little stone walls etc - looks just like Hobbiton!

Ms Smart

Oh that's lovely

Happy New Year to the Royal family as it were.


gorgeous photography!

belle fantaisie

oooh what a sweet room!

michelle too

ooh queen michelle- the beautiful land, the cozy quarters, the westwood boots, the handsome prince- you've got it all dahling... happy new year to a well deserving queen!


Lovely photos!


beautiful photographs! i love the contrast in tone of the field/stile/wood photograph.

happy new year!


Lovely post,

happy new year queens, screw 2008, this year is all about the 9's

<3 thanks for passing the minutes of the day over the last year.



Stunning photos, that last one is beautiful. Adore the pirate boots!


I'm tempted to dress my man in lots of layers so I can play fight him!

Carl Starling

Beautiful images. I love going home to the countryside, and escaping the city madness. All the best for 2009.


Those lamps are beautiful!


lovely pictures queen m. i wanted to let you know that i love your blog and i've posted about you and your style on my own blog, i hope you don't mind. keep up the inspiring posts.

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