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Sunday, 28 December 2008



How funny, I have just this minute sat down after clearing out my wardrobe of all those things that are just getting in the way.
I wont throw/give any of it away, but just because its all now sitting in bags in the spare room means I feel liberated.
I have in the past been ruthless, but I have always found myself longing for that one thing that I no longer have within my grasp! My grandfather was a hoarder, my mother was a hoarder, and I am also a hoarder.....there I've said it!

Campbell (Chucker)

LOL!!! I'll pray for you Sister Marie!


I am also a hoarder extraordinaire! I’ve got what my husband calls “ANT mentality”. Sadly my anthill of vintage clothing is fast outgrowing not only my wardrobe but in fact our flat & unless I win the lottery so that we can buy a huge house with one of those Hollywood style walk-in wardrobes, I will have to at some point bite (the bitter) bullet & part from some of my collection, this is not a thought I relish…in fact it actually gives me sweaty palms!


By the way I forgot to say that I absolutely love your shrine, isn't it just the bee's knees to have creative friends.


I am absolutely a chucker - problem being I chuck things that a while later I wish i'd kept and still hold onto things not worn since 1997 - I jest not. Anyone think of a use for a 90s ostrich feather trimmed frock coat??????


That's an awesome piece of work by Sister Wolf.
Jules, I think it would be a crying shame to get rid of a 90s ostrich feather trimmed frock coat!

Queen Michelle

For a Saint you look a bit pissed off in that photo. Did you perhaps mix up Saint with Disappointed Angel?

Frankie - Swell Vintage

ha! that's brilliant. is royal merchandise soon to come? x


I think this shrine makes up for the toilet paper. Could that have been a joke??
I am also a hoarder, clothes, books, and fabrics. I don't thing it's such a bad thing if you keep it from interfering with your life too much.

Sister Wolf

Queen Michelle, it is the job of a Saint to suffer for others! They are martyrs as well as Angels. Thus, the expression on Ste Marie's face. She is saying, as it were, "Jesus Christ, Enough With the Crap, Already!"


HAHA All hail baby Jesus and all, but I still prefer so pray for dear Saint Marie:
"Hail Marie, full of style.
Our eyes art with thy blog.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
pretty clothes and a good heart.
Stylish Marie, (one of the) queen(s) of the Kingdom,
pray for us hoarders,
now and at the hour of our death, swallowed in all our pretty clothes etc.

hope you like it!


Oh dear god that is so brilliant. I'm a hoarder too, but I don't apologise for it. jules, Do you not realise there's a 90s revival lurking just around the corner? Hold onto that feather-strewn coat or you'll be sorry!


I love Sister Wolf!


Dear Queenie, it's me, Bin, the whore of hoarding. Hmmmm hoarding whore...kinda has a catchy tone to it, eh?
Never been to confession before, nor ever prayed to a Saint, but here goes....please, dear Saint Marie, help me conquer this dastardly disease of keeping-not-discarding by providing a larger closet.

Thank you.


hahha... I love the little shrine .. Its so Brilliant!! i am Patron Saint of Condescending Behaviour

Queen Michelle

Ah Sister Wolf that would explain it.
Queen Marie has appeared as the Disappointed Angel before you see - I was designing an epic album cover and she requested I put her in the cover somewhere so she appeared as a Disappointed Angel, since she was floating in the sky observing the ungodly mayhem below her looking disappointed and the look was similar to this one, hence my confusion.

fashion herald

My name is Tricia and I am a horder! Please help me, Saint Marie.


I don't know if you are seeking help for the hoarding or not but I am helping out on a new documentary series about compulsive hoarding which is seeking to help those suffering from this disorder.

If you are interested in learning more information about the show you can go to our website at

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