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Tuesday, 30 December 2008



I love everything about this. Thanks so much for sharing it!! Which one will you DIY I wonder?


Gorgeous collection. Ooh looking forward to the DIY :)


Wow, what an amazing collection...thanks for bringing to light yet another fabulous designer previously unknown to me!
I can definitely see DIY potential in some of the pieces, I wouldn't mind having a stab at making something with a multitude of straps (loosely) based on the extraordinary dress, unfortunately I don't think my sewing skills would extend to me having a bash at the quilted jumpsuit but that is by far my favourite out of all of the garments.


where can this be bought??!


Wow, wow, wow, beautiful collection!!! So inspirational and fresh looking. I can safely say I would wear every single last piece of that collection as well! I wish there was some sort of magical method that would allow indie designers to manufacture their goods at more reasonable costs, thus allowing us regular folks to afford them. So sad.


Everything is lovely!



Three cheers for anything which inspires a bit of Queenly DIY!


oh wow...the floral print reminds me of my grandma's wall paper...beautiful.


OMG! Those pictures are breathtaking!
Good luck with your DIY ;)


I love seeing some fine knits just for a change - very beautiful collection and website too.


These pieces seem sort of midievil, but that's not a bad thing. Actually, it's quite good!

jill @ trend de la creme

Hey Ladies! Wanted to say Happy New Year! Sorry I don't comment often, but I read almost every day ;)

Sister Wolf

The jumpsuit makes me want to be 20 years old, and wearing it with some heels that would break my neck. Very very covetable.


looooooove. oh dear may i have every piece!?

fashion fille

every item is ridic

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