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Monday, 29 December 2008


Frankie - Swell Vintage

Amazing amazing amazing x


There is something about gardens like that that remind me so much of my childhood! I love the combination of things here!




I love it! You look like a page out of some Victorian children book.


You really match the garden in a great way! Gardens are great.


Fantastic, as always. And for some reason, the image makes you appear to be jumping ... quite high, actually! Or maybe I'm still in a post-holiday carb-haze that's muddling my powers of perception.


i just purchased some floral tights yesterday, so i am happy to see your interpretation! very fun!


Print extravaganza, I love it!
The photo makes me think of 'Alice in Wonderland' after she's eaten the bit of mushroom that makes her grow taller, I think it's just cause the wall in the background & the birdbath seem a little diminutive in comparison to your tallness.


I saw some floral tights in River Island that are making my obsession with patterned legs grow.

Miss Golightly

May 2009 brings you a secret garden of your own Queen M - you can't beat pottering around in them. At my age it's either God or gardening! A hot Prince wouldn't go amiss either!!
Happy New Year.

Miss G


What a wonderful photo. I love that paisley pattern on the skirt (dress?). I've always wanted a secret garden, but I have to make do with my 4ft "balcony" for the time being.

Sarah Edwina Rose

I love pattern on pattern and you could not have chosen a more beautiful background!


it reminds me of the dazzle ships!


I am reeeallly feeling mixed floral prints right now, so this was right on. Loves it!

Jenny Blå

I can go with pattern-mix and i really like the garden (i don´t know if its you in a garden or a garden with you in = just lovely) But the shoes ? I´m not sure...

Pratishtha Durga

For a moment, I too thought that you were jumping really, really high. But of course, that's the way the image is. I love your awesome, witty, lovely blog. Hail the Queen!


This is such a dreamy, fairy-tale photo! You blend in quite naturally!!


love this,
your posts are brilliant :)

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