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Sunday, 28 December 2008



I used to have JC phobia too but I now have a very cute dress, ballerinas and a faux fur jacket. I must say you can find a jem once in a while. Everything I have is well made too.


jem=gem! sorry jem cartoon on the brain : )


NOOO!!! I do have a word of warning: I've known a couple of people who're unhappy with their JC charm bracelets, because the finish wore off in a matter of months. So don't do it!


wow. well done juicy couture.


that's such a cute idea for a bracelet! i love all the charms.



haha you know, Juicy Couture actually DOES have great charms, don't they? but the prices... gosh the prices just seem silly for the packaging they're sure to use.

love following your blog. finally took the plunge myself to force myself to write every day!

have a lovely day

Pretty In Black

I wandered in there out of curiosity a few years ago. I was impressed with the decor (jars of candy all over the place!) and the very 1960's inspired garments. I haven't gone back since. The track suits just won't leave my memory.


Oh my gosh that is soooo prettyyyy!!!!


You're hilarious.


this locket is STUNNING!!! ohhh love love love xx LM


I've had a Juicy Couture charm bracelet for ages now and the finish hasn't worn off yet. It may just depend on how hard you are on your jewelry. I do have one charm though that is starting to wear, but that's because it rubs up against another charm. Juicy jewelry is usually 14K Gold plated brass, so if it does rub off, you will see the brass underneath. And you can usually find the jewelry on sale, just keep on eye on department store websites, they usually have better sales than Juicy Couture's website.

juicy girl

i love Juicy!

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