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Monday, 24 November 2008



Amazing! Army green really goes with everything!
I was one of those readers who asked you why you wouldn't sell those amazing things you make on Etsy. Thanks for answering a few posts ago! I get that now, that it's a thing of the moment every time you do DIY. May I ask, do you use your own trousers or leggings as a pattern to cut the fabric to make tights, or is it more like guessing and drawing freehand, like most times?


Where are the top and the short sleeve cardigan from picture 2 and 3 from?
selfmade? I need them...


Love it!!


But do they breathe? I find that pvc can get a a bit suffocating after a while, as the sweat cannot evaporate. Is this an issue with these?


Another great DIY. Loving it...I always spend a fortune in fabric shops, so next time I'm giong to use your idea and rummage through the sin-bins to bag myself a bargain! Cx


Too cool. If I was 20 years younger, 20 pounds lighter, and female I would be wearing them too!

Ashe Mischief

Those came out fantastically! When I read army green, I wasn't quite sure what to expect... but you're spot on in saying they're so versatile! And making the legwarmers/extensions was a brilliant move... I love the look they create with your heels.


OMG I love PVC leggins, I have ones but yours are more incredible, and also the shoes are stunning!!


those look so great! how did you know how to make them?


I LOVE those shoes!

pretty face

That photo with the dress all twirled up in the air is amazing!


Wow, who would have thought £6 worth of army green PVC could be put to such stylish use? The 3rd pic with the long black cardi is my favourite look.


amazing. you are such an inspiration...


Gah. I am so jealous of these! As my style is somewhat military-inspired in general, navy green is one of my color staples. DO WANT, those are divine.


these are so amazing! i wish they were available for purchase, because in that case I'd definitely be your first customer!


You know, Ossie Clark started working with snakeskin because he came upon a surplus of it that was cheap -- no one wanted it.

miss woo

ooh they look almost black in those pics, but so very stylish!


you are an absolute genius, i want leggings like yours!


I used to hate army green but with the acquisition of some army green boots ( I am really warming up to the color, and you look amazing in all these outfits, I especially love the one with the 50's dress. You ooze talent.

Ms Constantine

This is definitely my favourite of all the DIYs of yours I've seen!


wow queen michelle, i am always amazed at your outfits (and DIYs of course) - you're so inspiring - you rock!
kisses x


I love your style so much.
You have such confidence in your own style. I admire it!!
I have a 'recruitment evening' tomorrow night at River Island (not the most desirable store!) but i am desperatly in need of a job & do not want to mess it up.
My main issue is that i want to look a bit different. Something which is acceptable but different to all the others at the interview. So i was wondering if you had any advice, like what you would wear if you were going for the job? I was thinking of wearing my wet look leggings, with my Louboutin's - sometime shoe. Long drape cardigan from all saints but im undecided what to wear under the cardigan. & Im also unsure, would wet look leggings be acceptable?!
Thanks soo much! xoxo

Queen Michelle

Cheers everyone! Big up the army green!
Belinda - gosh, I have never worked in a shop so it's hard to say. Your outfit sounds nice - a good mix of high and low. How about a vintage slip dress under your cardie? Mixing edgy (All Saints cardie), luxurious (Louboutins), trendy (leggings) with vintage (slip). Pick a pretty colour of slip if you can, like blush pink and if it has lace and ruffles all the better, to offset the draping and the leggings. If you can perhaps wear something from River Island, even if it's just a scarf or necklace to show that you would be a good brand representative. Just my opinion of course xx


these are great! i love them literally with every single outfit! please sell themmmmmmmm.

Amy May

I'm surprised at how versatile that colour is! The leggings turn out great. I love how super long they are - that's something I'm obsessed with lately.


They turned out beautifully! I love the items you've 'built' with them, especially the first and last (what a gorgeous top & dress, respectively)!


I'm in awe of your DIY skills, Queen M!

Sister Wolf

I believe I've made this threat before, but if I can't get my hands on a fluffy bolero thing like that, I'm going to blow my head off. Just saying.


You are a diy hero. Fab work.



The Six Six Sick Girls

Absolutely spectacular...the PVC looks so much like leather, and definitely achieves the same affect as all the leather legging out there that will set you back hundred and hundreds of dollars!



Great style... love it !!!!


Your photos are fantastic. I love your skirt in motion!

Ruthie Fruit

Wow they really are versatile and the photos show that perfectly. £6 is such a bargain well worth it!


Those are gorgeous, and so are you!

Prêt à Porter P

they look grey/black in the pictures that the army green color may not even matter.
they look amazing with that last grey dress


you know, if you accidentally light those pant on fire....the fumes will kill you. PVC is the evil, cancer giving world ending material (blue vinyl, a documentary film)


Loving the leggings with all the looks. Gorgeous shoes!

Kingdom Of Style

Pheobs, I won't be setting my legs on fire any time soon so I'm safe from the life threatening fumes for the time being, but thanks for the head up.
Queen Michelle

Amy Sun-Ni

could i have your pattern for the leggings? i woud love to try making some of my own :)
hoping you'll share!

Kingdom Of Style

I just cut open an existing pair of leggings for the basic pattern, made the length of the leg longer , made them generally wider because this fabric has less stretch than the leggings I got the pattern from and I made them higher waisted. That's it.


I love your work!! i'm always amazed how you turned out "crappy" furniture in fantastic items in your stylish wardrobe. And, i looove the shoes in this post, where are they from?


i love love love that folky dress- where is it from?


Please make a pair and list on esty!!!!


Does anyone know how many metres one would need to buy for a pair of these?

Queen Michelle

Dani, I used about 1.5 metres. The dress is from Topshop Unique AW08


Absolutely AMAZING! Much love.

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