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Tuesday, 28 October 2008



Amazing result!!! *________*


Oooh, that is so awesome :D


crikey, i'm just on my way out to mandors right now, i'm going to have to add loads of elastic to the list!

pretty face

In that first picture I thought you were baring quite a lot of flesh - before I realised it was a nude coloured t-shirt!

Amazed at your DIY skills though, I tried to make a top this weekend on my much under-loved sewing machine and failed miserably...


absolutely gorgeous!
i am speechless, plus the styling is out of this world!


i totally love your blog, i have been stuck here for the last half an hour.. and that dress is so amazing!

Miss Urbanita

Love last one. Fantastic!


AMAZING! Bandage dress AND all the different outfits AND your talent!


That is awesome, I particularly enjoy the second outfit.

This is why I need to break out the sewing machine, it's all about doing it your own way (especially when you can't afford it the other way :).


Wow wow wow, that is just super cool!


omg outfit 2 is most appealing to me as its more my style. i love it sooo much !


haha, that last photo is classic! fantastic diy as usual Lady Queen :)


Long live the queen and her DIY genius! :D


That last picture is amazing!
Hasn't any glossy offered you a job as a stylist or photographer yet?
It's their miss if they don't!


Oh, i LOVE it! Beautiful!


Wow, that's amazing! You are really my personal style goddess :D

Fashion blah blah

Lovely dress indeed...we did something similar for Malo fashion show this season!


They say imitation is a form of flattery. Brian should count himself well flattered as that dress is an amazing take on his bandage dress.

kirsty lee

absolutely LOVE the bottom one. you've got skills. it's a great interpretation.


I usually read here, but seldom comment.
But today i gotta say, this is FABULOUS!
The last one looks like u walked righto outta a futuristic movie!


I thought you weren't wearing anything on top for a moment in picture #1.


This is pretty amazing.


i looooooooooove the shoes in picture 3! where'd you get them?
i first thought that in picture one you were revealing some really extreme tattoos you had all over your legs starting at your waist. teehee


Yay! It looks totally amazing, way to go!


Love it best with the silver shimmery tights and the floral tights and grey top! Bravo :)


This is so amazing. I'm gonna try and make one similar this weekend! Looks hot!


Beautifully done!


Don't you mean...Lichten-BERG? Oops! Either way, the dress is bangin.

Fabulously Broke

I really LOVE that dress. It is so versatile and makes everything pop so much more

Queen Michelle

I did indeed Zana! Doh! I'll will edit accordingly.


Look #2 and #4 are great!!! You are the DIY Queen for sure...I doff my hat to you!


every look here is totally wicked, great job on the bandage dress!


Why don't you make a quick buck and sell your DIY's? I KNOW people would love them, i dooooo.


Queen Michelle, I have said it before and I will say it again, you are one fabulous DIY-er! I love it with the shiny leggings and in the 3d picture. Your pose in the last picture is incredible.


DANG. Yet, ANOTHER brilliant DIY, Queen Michelle!


you are so amazing! your diy skills are out of this world!
is there any chance you'd be able to do a diy tutorial for this delightful dress? t'would be much appreciated, by the loyal subjects of the kingdom :)


Fabulous, brilliant, Stunning!!


Not sure if I like it :(


i tried this too a few weeks ago but it didn't come out as nice...i ended up reusing the elastic to make a simple corset. i'm guessing it's because i didn't add extra strips down the side to keep the rows of elastic in place...good thinking! i think i'll try it again =]

la femme

It looks pretty fantastic, but I think you are one of very few people who could pull this off.

I do envy your tights collection.


You have amazing skill! the last pic is definetly my fav.

Prêt à Porter P

awesome 2nd look


i think ive come back to this page at least 6 times today. this is truly fantastic! you should sell these amazing diy's on etsy/ebay.


that elastic cage dress is amazing. You did a really good job. If I weren't so lazy I'd try it myself with some fabric. :)


Oh...I love this dress very much! It's just perfect for making every look singular.
You said something about stripes to hold the horizontal stripes at the place...where are they? You cannot see them at the pictures...

Queen Michelle

Charlotte there are straps up either side and one up the back.

Vanessa Moore

OMG!!!! You're cage dress looks fabulous!!! I think you just inspired me to make my own!! :-)


Woohoo! this is really cheap and chic! How effortless to achieve that level of chic-ness. Bravo!


INCREDIBLE. these looks are blowing my mind!


You are pure genius!!!!

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