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Thursday, 04 September 2008


Carl Starling lush are they? When I was at uni people used to do this...but with tacky objects like plastic hotdogs and old video tapes. Loving this newer, more feminine take on the idea. Brilliant find! Cx


I think that the ornate frame one is actually an idea which lots of people would wear!


hehe lucky , we will see ...

Make Do & Mend

I'm thinking I'll be dignified and opt for the cheeries!


those are HUGE!!


I'm going to put Henry the dog on a chain and wear him.


the one with the watches is genius, i love the texture of it! i'm sure you could easily diy something similar but toned down...


This looks so odd and fantastic at the same time. Great idea, nice find.

vintage clothes

oh my god there huge the ist 1 with all the pendants are great and the watches are such a big impact in a really great way! also the baroque picture frame one is my fave coz its still big but can be worn everyday!


Wow those are insane and I kind of LOVE it. Very editorial.

Top Bird

Haha, totally crazy. I like! Check out the giant flying duck around the neck. Gawd. xx

la môme de nyc

Very funny, a real vintage store around the neck!

lady coveted

dang, it's like the femme flava flav


Do yourself a mischief? You could do yourself a death if you whanged into something wearing one of these pieces!


These wonderful pieces have a very Flava Flav flavor to them. Nice.


Wow! Those wouldn't actually be that hard to work into an outfit, if the outfit was very simple. Let's say it's Monday morning so you grab a plain white shirt and jeans. Yawn, until you add one of those!


Those are outragously fabulous!


i thought the 1st photo was actually you!

also, ikea have a HUGE version of the 5th picture with the picture frame,

i'd like to see someone wear THAT on a necklace!


Those are crazy!!

Cathi Rei

I love these!
please visit my humble store whenever you have a chance, we love you guys at Neon Life Vintage!


hokay the first one blew me away! haha these are fun...


I adore that big photo frame necklace

Elizaveta Yankelovich

I LOVE you like bunnies LOVE carrots and lettuce, Like peanut butter Loves Jelly, Like Crackheads Love Crack!
Thank You Queen Michelle...;)

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