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Tuesday, 30 September 2008



I do think that in this case, breaking the rule is justified... good decision!


This is super neat. I posted about it on my blog. :)

Ashe Mischief

I did a longer post recently, but I planned on doing an updated list of cool charity/philanthropic happenings-- I'll be sure to link to you!

My original post, in the event anyone wants to read it!


Oooh! I posted about it! And I included both links! And this is too awesome!


I did one these posts for someone else already, but it is a cause near to my heart too, so if I can find a way I'll do another post for you.

Make Do & Mend

Happy to support and post a link - it would be lovely to help. I'm a research puppy I'm part of the breakthrough generation study - we are in year 3 of 10 to help collate information to crack the breast cancer code.


This is a great idea.


I had to post about this, I'm going to be so tempted to bid on most of the bags on eBay!
Apparently the Mulberry factory outlet type store is close to my friends house in Shepton Mallet - for some reason they've never taken me. My credit card is very happy, but I'm itching to go!


A real good cause and I would have posted without gaining anything. My post:


I would love for you to check out my post. I did it a while ago, but I hope it'll be good enough...


Paula Roegge

Queen Michelle-
I would love to purchase some of the donated handbags myself! But I would have to choose between several...
I have posted about the auction and cause on my almost-brand-new blog, A Red Room. I wish I could have gotten some of the pics from the Handbag Amnesty site to work on my blog, but I did write about it at least! A great cause!

Everybody Says Don't

Great idea. Done. :-)


What a great idea - and it gives me a fantastic excuse to buy more bags; 'I don't want to, you understand, but one must do one's bit for charity...'

Good exception to the rule and a very worthwhile charity, good luck to everyone who takes part


Hi Michelle great idea i have posted about this on my blog x

Ashe Mischief

I hope this blurb with other philanthropic happenings will suffice, especially since it's my second mention of the event! I love seeing so many people involved!


I've posted it here:

Cheap Handbags

Great blog, subscribed to your RSS feed. Thanks.

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