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Saturday, 19 July 2008


Queen Michelle

Woah!!! LOVING that photo of you QM!
How did you get that amazing effect on the camera? Must pick your brains on that one later. I also adore that dressing table.


It seems like a multi-purpose phrase: a term of endearment - "come 'ere ya big soft goth ye." Or as an insult - "you're not that into it.. you're just a soft goth." ...Soft goth is so hot right now..


i love the way you're appearing on camera more, queen marie, you really are absolutely stunning! this picture of you is beautiful and dramatic.


Soft goth -- I heart that.

Prêt-à-Porter P

that desk is amazing


Soft goth sounds perfect for me, a girl who could use a bit of soft in her wardrobe.

fawn lust

aww, soft goth. it sounds so sweet and huggable.


I can't even say the words 'soft goth' without feeling like a numpty.

My favourite is 'neo minimalism'. What will it be next time it comes around? Post-neo-minimalism?


Awsome gothic desk. Where can i find one

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