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Friday, 18 July 2008



Those are extraordinary. Perfect for you!


The necklaces are from Vice and Vanity! I think you did a post on the Singaporean brand before. :)


I would SO buy that.

Princess Poochie

Forever 21 actually had a very similar necklace. Probably not as well made or intricate but close and probably far far less expensive, if you just going for the look.


Sarah J

I think they are stunning. Especially the grey one, its the kinda necklace that you can wear season after season and it will still look great.



These are lovely! £75 is still a bit steep for me.. I wonder if I could figure out a way to d.i.y something similar..


theyre gorgeous!! i myself would like the white or pink one...why not all ?


These are interesting...
They're going on my shopping list.
You're opening my eyes to awesomely awesome things; and for that, I'm eternally grateful!



The pink one is very feminine and sweet. I love it.
It is too bad that they are a little expensive for me, I would love to see pictures of someone wearing them.


sophie stiletto

These are so beutiful! I wish we could see someone wearing them so we could get an idea of scale, the bigger the better I reckon! I work part time in a shop called lollipop ( in camden passage islington and we sell necklaces a bit like these ones, by a designer called onwardsever onwards by Elke Kramer, they're a bit artsy craftsy too.


I don't know about as a necklace. I think they will be better as a bag.

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