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Sunday, 15 June 2008


Sister Wolf

You're right, that bed would be a good investment. It costs the same as a cheap car, and yet it would give you so much more pleasure! And it would last longer.

I wish I could buy it for you. Would Queen Michelle be willing to pay half?

fawn lust

if I were sleeping beauty, I'd be happy for a hundred years worth of slumber in that first bed...


I breezed through that site after I read Drusilla's post. Beautiful things.


The first bed looks like an image you dreamt up as a child made reality, I cant imagine how amazing it would be to wake up in that everyday!


Oooh, I'm glad you posted about this, Queen Marie- I didn't go into too much detail, mainly because I was stuck drooling at the picture!


Oh my, that is what I dreamed about when I was nine... before going to sleep I would pretend I was sleeping in a big bird's nest in the highest trees.

It also reminds me of the myth of Penelope and Odysseus... they had a bed which had a tree for a bedpost.

Laura V

I think the link is wrong -- should go to


really neat stuff!

trend de la creme

OMG -- this bed has my name written all over it! Not sure if the hubby would go for it though...


That bed reminds me of Penelope and Odysseus' marriage bed described in Homer's Odyssey. You know, that one scene where Penelope is planning to test Odysseus to see if he really is her husband because only he would know that one of the bedposts of their bed is an actual tree rooted in the ground that he carved into a bedpost...

Yeah, I'm a literature nerd.


Absolute drool. Thanks for sharing; this is incredible!


I was amused by the great ideas!
The bed is probably comfortable to sleap on.
I have also seen some great things at The furniture is not so extraordinary, but some ideas a great!


I just love how every example above has that earthy, natural touch. These are the rooms that people want to live in, rooms that make you so comfortable you'd never want to leave your home.


The first bed is mine!

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