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Friday, 11 April 2008



I'm sorry, but that's horrible. It reminds me of those ones you get with wolves on, which then reminds me of those enormous bobbly fleeces that you buy at cheap horrid markets with wolves on.

Those leg things though- warmers? boots? spats? They're wicked.

Queen Michelle

I think that's the point - it's meant to be ironic.


Ah. My bad.


it is wrong that I like this?! Very Natasha Khan.

Queen Michelle

Louise, you are in a safe place here - it's OK to like bad stuff...we will not judge you.


phewww, though I've now got it saved in my favourites and look at it every few minutes...i'm having to force myself not to click on the 'buy' button


Oh I saw this too!!!! I really like it but I'm not allowed to buy it as I just bought the grey premium ankle boots!
it is not a good thing that they now ship to where I live, makes me buy way too many clothes


Maybe its ironic but it looks like a £30 sack of potatoes with some horses painted on it! *cough*ripoff!*cough*

July Stars

And do you remember the Ann Demeulemeester little black dress with a night and stars print (fours years ago)? It has the exact same mood and quality to it. I absolutely loved it and love the Margiela horse tee.
Psssssst: Queen Michelle, I insist ... You have the same exquisite porcelain skin and delicate features as Irina. Beautiful!


I went to America last year and the gift shop at the Grand Canyon was full of tshirts like this and loads of those wolf fleeces and dreamcatchers and the like. There was one tshirt in pink with a particularly naff shadowy horse/moon combo and even my husband appreciated it was so bad it was good. Alas they only made the pink ones in v.small child sizes so I couldn't get one :(


Both the designer and knockoff versions are equally unappealing to me.


All this un-loving towards the t-shirt makes me hope it will go on sale and I can get it at a better price! yay! I feel like playing some Dungeons and Dragons now...


Hmm... not much keen on wearing horses on my chest. I wore these kinds of things when I was 5. I'd like to say I grew up just a wee bit since then. And yes, it does remind me of ugly tees from Canadian tourist shops.


how bizarre


Ha! Urban Outfitters also has their own versions too which I'm a little ashamed to say I ordered a few days ago. I know they're in bad taste but I love them!;jsessionid=E4E5C7D64647D450F867A016CDB7B2AC.app11-node3?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&id=14525091&parentid=W_APP_NEW&sortProperties=&navCount=560&navAction=poppushpush&color=;jsessionid=E4E5C7D64647D450F867A016CDB7B2AC.app11-node3?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&id=14525174&parentid=W_APP_NEW&sortProperties=&navCount=581&navAction=poppushpush&color=


i think it is lush! im sorry but i have been looking for a t shirt like this for ages, i ordered as soon as i saw it this morning. i embrace it, look at the magical horses! you all are missing out.


I think its funny for a well dressed girl to wear some geek clothes. as long as you mix it up right of course. it also appeals to my inner child, i like magical things. therefore I want the original (it is infact already in my scrapbook!)as for the topshop...I am undecided. perhaps if not many people wear it and it goes on sale, the thing in its favour against a cheap one in a metal fan shop is that its probably a more wearable material and shape.

lady coveted

ooooh i want one!


OMG thank you for the post.....I had to order this as it's less expensive then the original but still captures the mood. Yeah, it harks back to the cheap crap with wolves on it....but the image and design as rendered by Maison Martin Margeila is totally is the the Topshop version. I plan to fashion mine into a long t-shirt cardigan and wear the print to the back. Visit ELuxury for the original MMM that gave me the inspiration. MMM is THE ORIGINAL and BEST.....alas I cannot afford it all the time and must do with second string versions....Can't wait for my little horse- T to coming winging over the pond, home to mama.


I'd have to go for the knockoff, I'm embarrassed to say!

Queen Michelle

Hey, I prefer the Topshop version too. No shame here!


received this in the post today. it was disappointing - more of a vest than a t shirt, its cut very inflatteringly. the armholes are massive and it just doesnt look right. its going back, i'm sad. no magical horses for me.

Queen Michelle

Awe, I'm so sorry they didn't work for you. That's so deflating when that happens :(
But there will be other magical horses out there with your name on them I promise x

Mark Doherty

Oversized, paired with some white skinny jeans, some sky hight grey shoo boots, oversized bag, sunnnies..... cute day outfit, no?

Queen Michelle

Mark, I quite agree! (well, not the white skinnies bit - personally my ass would NOT look good in white skinnies, but I'm sure some youthful creature on here sure could rock 'em).
Grey shoe boots however sound like something I need to own...

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