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Wednesday, 27 February 2008



Cute! I love the colour combo and the eyelets are gorgeous!

Angie Montreal

Thank you soooooo much. I'll be coming to London next month, and I think those will be my "splurge" purchase (again, due to the crappy CDN dollar, the price doubles for me). boo. But I think they are so worth it!


I think I might like this shoe better than the Finsk. I certainly didn't approve the price of the Finsk, not with our crumbling American dollar (last seen hobbling about England with broken ankles).

I like that this is part bootie, part shoe, but what really makes this one for me is the semi-industrial lacing that removes the shoe from delicacy and makes it a bit rugged.


Nice shoe.


Beautiful. I wish I had more access to UK shoes.

poppy lee

i like! but i feel i am too wedded to the big stompy high heel right now.

excellent tip for those who can't stretch their finances to the finsk, myself included.

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