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Sunday, 10 February 2008



Daaaaaaang, a COTTAGE with 14 rooms?

I am reminded of the crestfallen looks on the Dashwood sisters' faces when they saw the (giant) "cottage" they'd be moving to after being forced out of the huge Estate house they'd been living in. That "cottage" was bigger than many wealthy people's houses.

Anyway, the film looks really interesting. It's sad that the house was so dilapidated, but at least it's been restored, and it's cool that a new film is being made. I'd never have known about this if you hadn't reviewed it.


i LOVE that documentary! have you seen some of the fabulous fashion editorials inspired by little edie? there must have been at least five, and most are tdf. my favourite can be found here:
please check it out.


Oooh, i've always wanted to see this since Rufus Wainwright did a song called 'grey gardens'


Christine Ebersole was amazing in the theatrical version. I find this "movie to play to movie" pattern so odd, though.


I have seen this amazing documentary 3 times, with each time getting better & better. Very happy to hear that their estate was fully restored.

Lady Lisa

Oh I've been dying to see this film! It was on at gft for about two minutes a while ago and I managed to miss it but have been desperate to see it every since. Shall have to get a copy, thanks for reminding me

queen Marie

Lady Lisa
What is mine is yours. Shall let you borrow my copy for the weekend.

lady lisa

QM, woohoo! You're on! Shall you join me in enjoying it? I shall provide the tea and cakes! xx

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

finally someone explains to me what grey gardens is...


Drew Barrymore as Little Edie? I love them both, but hmmmm...I still predict lots of mad mixing will happen in the wake of that film, though.


I've heard good things about Drew playing Little Edie. That she looks, sounds and acts just like her. I can't wait for this movie.


Awww, how sad...I really want to watch it now, before the new film comes out.

There was a t.v. show out here in the states called "Gilmore Girls" about a quirky mother and daughter who constantly commented about somewhat obscure cult culture. In one episode they were watching this film, and said comedically that the beales were just like them, and that's who they would become in 50 years. Then they immediately looked at eachother with sad faces, said "yeah.." and frowned. It was a hilarious episode, and I always wondered what that documentary was, so thanks for the informative post!!

Sister Wolf

What an amazing documentary that still seems shockingly weird and intimate after all these years. No one should even attempt to play little Edie. Her madness and vulnerabliity and her codependent shit with her mother...why bother trying to duplicate it? I love how no one ever explains why Edie has to cover her head!


Amazing story, let me borrow it for my blog.

It reminds me of "El desencanto", a spanish documentary (filmede at the beginnig of the '70s) about a whole family of reputed but totally insane poets. The three sons had a very strange relationship with their mother, another "Eddiesque" character.

Queen Marie

Dear egdp
My pleasure. Borrow away!


Great post! You're so right. People should see this before the movie comes out. The movie will be good, I'm sure, but there's nothing like the real thing. It's a movie that one just can't stop watching, can't help want but wishing there were more.


In the spirit of life imitating art imitating life...there is a documentary about how the original documentary was turned into a musical:

Sunshine Pieraldi

Terrific movie! very interesting, there's different ways to look at it. I don't make any judgements, all I can say is, things change.

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