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Sunday, 27 January 2008



I wish I was brave enough to do that!


Oh they make me so itchy!, and I wear contacts so I'm rubbing my eyes all night already anyway!Gah!


I'd love longer eyelashes, but I'm just too much of a chicken to put 'em on for fear of episodes like LLG's.
What's it like to maintain this lot, Queen Marie? Someone told me you can't sleep on your side because then the lashes that have been glued on bend and break.


silly question maybe... you just leave them on til they fall out? they stay on through facewashings, etc... how long?

Queen Marie

Nothing to maintain really! They don't bend or break, just fall out after about ten days. Washing face, hair, shower - no problem at all!


do they fall out? i mean , does it affect the natural lashes?

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