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Tuesday, 11 December 2007



Seriously sweet!

lady lisa

That's gorgeous! Are you making them to order?! I would love one to wear over the festive season!


Queen Michelle

Lady Lisa, I gift you mine. Next time the Archduke visits I shall send him packing with this delicate package xx


It's absolutely gorgeous...


You are well plumed! I've always had an affinity for the three court plumes, but you've wisely let yours lie flat. Works brilliantly with your hair color also.

But all girls need a showgirl headpiece, don't you think?

lady coveted

ah, this is indeed a divine crown. it has the slightest hint of a certain zara dress we've been coveting... yet, this feather can be worn with lots of things!


was toying with idea of making one soon also. have a killer strip of black feathers...


Very nice, would be great for a day at the races, far better than tacky fascinators.

I'm an Aussie girl and there a a few great emerging designers that are interesting and creative without the Alexander McQueen price tag.


Romance was Born

Life with Bird

Alpha 60



All made in Australia, all top quality and great for a new designers



It looks so fab
very very pretty and also edgy

Chic Looks

Its really beautiful!!


Oh my gosh, I just gave into my desire for a fascinator by ordering a feather headband! I love yours.


Isn't this lovely!? IT IS!

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