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Sunday, 21 October 2007


Sarah in Marrakech (soon to be in Paris!)

How wonderful! I'm not usually a fan of gold, but it would *have* to be the bowler, I'm afraid.



Brilliant! That Phipps fellow must eat a lot of fish ...

My friend the Reverend Winona introduced me to the Kingdom of Style months and months and months ago, and I think you guys are fantastic (even if I never post comments). Keep it up!


those hat lights are adorable, i would love to own one.

i read your blog regularly, and although i never really post any comments, ive decided that I need to do so more often. i especially love all of your outfit posts, you have the most fantastic wardrobe ever. i actually went back through your archives just to see the clothes...(is that stalker-ish?)

i just started a blog myself, also, and id love if you could maybe check it out? its:


I love Jeeves and Wooster, so anything associated with them will be a hit for me. I'd love one of those hanging over my head..

diana @ so fash'on

I love those hats, I actually made one when i was in like 5th grade, still have it. used it for one of my shoots! It looks great and is timeless.


i'll just string a light bulb and cord through the top hat i've already got and call it wooster. but these are pretty great.


aunt agatha won't be pleased she's left out

miss woo

Does Hugh Laurie comes with those lights? He should..


Very cute!


I love Jeeves & Wooster! Now I have to get that bowler hat.


i love that lamp! what a great concept!

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

Clever concept. It reminds me of the installation Kris Van Assche did at Pitti Uomo:


Well designed pieces that suggest the power of the thought and bright ideas. It’s really elegant conceit which retains a very typically English style.

Queen Marie

Please accept my apologies for my tardy replies.
I do not know how Queen Michelle does it...

Wecome laila, nice to know you are here!
Any chum of the Lady Winona of Likey is a chum of ours... x

Dear Stephanie
Gosh! how fashion forward you are for one so young.
There are two Queens in the Kingdom. I am Queen Marie and it is your other Queen - Queen Michelle whose wardrobe, you like many others, fall in wonder before. Worry not about 'stalkerish' tendancies, look away and enjoy! That is what it is there for.
Queen Michelle will add a link to your super site over the weekend. x

Dear Pret-a-PP
Thank you SO much for that link. Worthy of a post on it's on methinks. x

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