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Wednesday, 10 October 2007



There's a lot of cool stuff there. I love those dresses. If only I had a place to wear one!


Gorgeous, your right, anyone that can make peach look dirty has it


Never have MC Hammer type trousers looked so good



jen b.

seriously lovelovelove this collection.

Queen Michelle

Thought you might like this Jen


Which two did you do?

Queen Michelle

None unfortunately!! But I would if I could!


I thought you didn't like MC hammer pants... :P

Queen Michelle

You are mixing me up with Queen Marie - there are 2 of us who right this blog. She doesn't like Hammer pants. Me? I quite like them!


yeah, upon seeing susie's post, those first two were the ones that got me too. son of a bitch.

lady coveted

yeah, i'm also smitten.... i really love the tailored take on hammer pants.. smashing.

Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

you've made a fan out of me too. i'll kindly take the 1st leather jacket, the tuxedo, and the waxed jeans...

Queen Michelle

I'll put and extra order in for you then Pret...
God? Could you maybe send some extras of JPG's stuff please? Yeah? Grrreat. You the man.

Fenke Schwan

I DID, I DID...(well - I knew that peach looks cool) especially in combination with white and black!

Bicycle Apparel

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.

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