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Sunday, 07 October 2007



I have to say, you look extremely similar to Irina Lazareanu!
Are yu sure you arn't her?
IF checked the simlaralities! Ther eare so many from her style to facial features!

oh and by the way, your a style muse and i love your work on the website and deisgn skills!


By the way im a 12 year old fashionista admiring your work and knowledge, i would love to own a blog like you and follow in your footsteps of style and individuality.

Lady Julianne Eternity

I feel your pain, I wish I could make some for myself too!


Maybe the holiday fairies will drop an appropriately-sized pair of these on your doorstep.

(Oh, and have you checked your writing skills lately? They're stellar.)

Queen Marie

Thank you for your kind words Dear Iopine,
they help to fill the shoe shaped hole in my heart (size 39.5, should the shoe fairies be reading...)


is that prada?

Queen Michelle

it is indeed Prada

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