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Thursday, 13 September 2007


jen b.

i know you're talking flats here but if it were up to me, we'd both get a pair of these..

Queen Michelle

Jen, you are seriously creeping me out!!! When I was looking at boots on LVR, what I REALLY wanted was the thigh high Givenchy boots!!!! And these Ann D ones are almost identical! Too weird.

Mrs Fashion

Well, there's 2 of us in the heist gang at least - that's a start?

Queen Michelle

Sure is. Can you drive? Any good with semtex??


Oh, how I love those zipper boots. Those are the Marc Jacobs ones I suppose? They are, aren't they? I can tell by the zipper-pull-thingies. Really, I love Marc Jacobs, but I wish they were by Office, so I could actually buy them. :|

Lady Julianne Eternity

"Boots that do not involve me clinging to the neighbours' hedges in an attempt to get from end of the street to the other without falling flat on my backside."

LMAO! That reminds me of the way I iceskate...clinging to the edges of the rink. I really like the first pair of Topshop boots. Gasp! Me expressing a like for something from Topshop!

Glam Guide

Oooh, count me in for the Great Miu Miu Heist!!


did exactly the same,I had to surrender my silly heels and bought some flat Massimo Dutti boots and my feet never been happier.

Kate Moss for Topshop has some gorgeous flat boots also, unfortunately for me not on sale yet.


covet the second pair of topshop flat boots. ooh the military style is totally working for me.


good idea ;) i like the marc by marc jacobs pair with the great zippers and cute heel. i wish my legs looked really hot in these types of boots. my upper thighs would have to be thinner ;( i guess i could still wear them anyway because i do have this high shaft style with high heels. i like to wear them with pencil skirts.


The boots in the top photo with the buttons and the zip i cant find them? which website are they on???

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