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Tuesday, 14 August 2007



Maybe it's just the way you photograph, Queen M, because I've had a few moments of confusion too :) and despite the fact that I myself look nothing like her (huge face, big mouth), she makes a much easier image to relate to than Gemma Ward & Co.
As for the compliment angle....I do in fact get the bigger flush of pleasure when the complimenter is a girl (unless it's someone whose fashion sense I don't like, which ends up making me wonder whether what I've got on is bimbettey-looking). If the complimenter was a guy, nine times out of ten I'd react just as you do- wondering whether something is too short or too tight. But as far as compliments on my looks go (and I've gotten exactly seven of those in my life) I nearly always appreciate it more from a girl, (we're much more finicky and you know there isn't likely to be an ulterior motive behind it).

Those pictures are utterly gorgeous, though- the tinge of blue in Irina's fringe (calling them bangs where I am would just lead to rude jokes) is lovely to look at.

Mrs Fashion

I think she still looks like you (your slim noses are similar as well as the mouth and fringe...)

And yes, I'd much rather a girl compliments me than a boy - I remember the favoured chat up line of VIth form boys was "You look like that porn star". Not just to me - to EVERYBODY female - unless it's a warped Regina George type compliment: "Oh my God I love your bracelet".


Queen Michelle

It's funny, I was thinking about you Mrs F when I wrote this post and having a chuckle to myself, because you commented that I looked like Irina by a photo of me from the neck down! Essentially you had seen my feet and just knew what the top half must have looked like - now THAT'S a pro!

Mrs Fashion

Ah-ha! It's my job ;-)

Angie Montreal

I also have had a few confused moments RE your lookalike status, especially when you did that post on manly style, those pics looked so styled, I thought they were from a mag.

I think both of you have a kind of fairy/wood nymph type of beauty. It's wonderful to have a unique look, and so glad you are comfortable in your own skin!

Queen Michelle

"fairy/wood nymph type of beauty" - Angie, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! I don't think anyone has ever used the word "beauty" in relation to my face. I'm blushing! (but kinda glowy inside now too!)


Queen Michelle, you're far too modest! When so many people notice a resemblance there's definitely something to it. I agree with Angie: you have an ethereal beauty, delicate features, and a very strong look.
Also, I agree that it's much better to be complimented by a woman (or a gay man, perhaps) than a hetero man. A (very brazen) man complimented me on my legs in Target recently and I vowed never to wear those shorts again!


Sorry, can't help - you look exactly the same in most of those pictures.


Those pictures don't change my mind at all.
My little (13 yr.old) sister has seen only a few pictures of Irina and when she caught me browsing through your blog she immediately thought you were "the model with the weird name". You have a very "haunting" beauty, the kind that draws people in, like Irina's. Which is a good thing. Hence my almost daily checkup of your blog. Hehe

Queen Michelle

I feel that if you all met me you could sue me under the Trade Discriptions Act!!! For some reason I feel as I'm cheating you all somehow. I can't explain it. I realise it doesn't matter a jot what I look like, but I really feel dishonest!

fashionably challenged

I think another similarity with you/Irina is just your inherent fashion sense. You look as if you just belong in a fashion spread. You can pull off all the unique styles and looks, just like a model. That's why we all love reading your blog :)


You do Look like Irina even in this pics she just has a different type of make-up, in the other post with the coat I thought it was Irina. You are by far the prettiest fashion blogger out there and I love to see the clothes on you.

Mens opinions, beside my own man, do not count nothing for me, Just wear a mini-shirt and some cleavage and that's enough for the majority of them to say you look great.

Katie Rosemary

I would give my left leg and possibly one of my arms to look so much like Irina... in fact to look like any supermodel would do me just fine! You're a lucky queen indeed.
Opinions from women are always backed up I find... i.e "I like that top, the colour really suits your skin tone" as opposed to a non fashion-y man's opinion of "I like that top" when he's obviously thinking *it's low-cut, SCORE*


You do look like Irina!

candid cool

For me a compliment for a girl means more. But I do have this one long black coat (not tight at all) that I wear with black trousers (not tight at all) that has some weird mojo, I've got hit on from rich older men that drive yellow porsches to a broke down pimp (yes, it's true) that called me "lean cuisine". So it's strange...

And you do have an uncanny likeness to irina


I hate to break it to you...but you DO look like her. With the right couture, makeup, lighting, etc., you could produce pix that are every bit as fabulous.


I have often thought that it was you! I was browsing US instyle yesterday and came across another picture of Irina and was like I must ask!

Love the blog so much.


EVERY time I see a pic of you I instantly think of her. One day you'll be in a club/street in London (is that where she lives?) and someone is going to come up to you thinking you're her. I betcha!

Queen Michelle

It's really just some bizarre trick of the camera! I never allowed anyone to take photo's of me because I hated my face so much and every time I saw a photo it made me hate it more, so I banned all photos. Then Queen Marie got her fancy camera and took pictures of me, and my face, and since she is the ONLY person I'm comfortable with taking my photo (apart from myself obviously), I relaxed, and somehow her photo's made me just think "to hell with it girl, this is how you look and there's nothing you can do about it, so stop hiding". But then all these Irina comparisons kept coming up and I just felt it really dishonest that people thought it, when it's just the camera that makes me look different. I just need to come and meet you all one by one and let you see my 34 year face for real!

Benjamin Kanarek

Thanks for the kind words and the posting of my images...

Ben ;-)


I always thought she'd look marvellous on Noel Fielding's arm. I love Noel Fielding.


I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and the first thing I noticed about your looks was that you're like Irina's twin sister. I can't see any reason why you should feel insecure about your face.

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