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Monday, 27 August 2007



Thank you. Worst of all, they finish it off wailing pathetically: will fashion blogs be any better in 2008? I really used to like H&M a lot but this kind of sulky attitude in combination with a gazillion of smock dresses and a tired ad campaign leaves me no option but to boycott them in favour of really cool and creative Swedish designers. See also F.A.D's take on H&M.

Mrs Fashion

Mmm Mmm Mmm. I'm clicking my fingers in the Z formation to this post. H&M's holier than thou attitude makes me feel incredibly angry and EVERYthing you flagged up above is true. Snideness about your customers will never win you fans. Back off bitches, fashion bloggers are going to take over the world!

Queen Michelle

I was so enraged that I actually shouted at the computer screen! H&M are hardly original, and whilst our copy may very well "dashed off" at least we are independent thinkers, not part of some big corporation machine with one single (small) brain.


But this is just ridiculous because in their first ever fashion magazine, the featured Style Bubble and a few other blogs as their favourite reads.....

Where is the sense in that????

Queen Michelle

Apparently we all bore them now. Clearly our digital images aren't up to scratch.


I walked into H&M once and walked straight out. I'm not into disposable fashion. Some people manage to do a lot with their stuff, but I'm not that much of a stylist.


Funnily enough, in its 'What Is A Trend'-report HM mag quotes Jason Campbell of JC Report: 'There's a group of people that simply lives and breathes contemporary currents more than other people do. So they know exactly when it's time to move from one mood to the next.' He calls this group a 'special creative class'. Now let's have a guess who gives the fashion-avantgarde their well deserved platform?


well, they can just bite themselfs i love reading fashion blogs..and yours is probably my favourite.. juuust so you know :)


This stirs up my anger against the High Street all over again! The cheek. I can proudly say that I have never bought a thing from H&M and people keep encouraging me to venture into their maternity wear I'm pregnant. But no thank you. There is no way I would endorse disposable and clearly plagiarized fashion.

All the top fashion blogs out there, keep going! I don't even read fashion mags regularly anymore, blogs are of a much higher standard and intune with what's real.


I get more inspriation from reading blog's like yours and style bubble than in any fashion magazine, here the fashion comes from passion and not a the need to increase circulation or keep advertisors happy, I regularly shop at h&m (despite questionable quality I like the cheep quick fix), but this feels like a slap in the face from them, I think you guys must be getting so good that they are afraid of you


Yeah, I read that and I got a bit irritated too. Quite nervy! What's silly about that statement is that blogs are only becoming more readily available and all the top fashion magazines are blogging too. . .so they can take their fashion barometer and shove it.


What a cheek! Isn't the point of blogs that they ARE by amateurs and are an informal, spontaneous type of media? I'm also spending less time reading magazines (although I still get excited about Grazia, woo hoo it's Tuesday!!) because blogs are just more up to date and more in tune with what I'm thinking.

Stupid idiots.


OH H&M, thou hast betrayed me! Seriously. For years I proclaimed them better than Topshop, because I can make their clothes fit MY style, rather than have my style dictated by their clothes. And I never said a word about the top and dress I keep having to repair. (I'm not a disposable-fashionista, I just have a very small budget. I don't buy a lot of clothes.).


Pah. But I suppose corporations being up themselves is only to be expected..


i feel let down by h&m because i love them so much and know they are badmouthing my other love (fashion blogs). this is like a tug of war for me now should continue going there or should i stop in order to show my patriotism to all fashion blogs ( i feel like i am in the middle of waring parents during a bitter divorce).

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