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Wednesday, 06 June 2007



That's a beautiful look


Hi, that's an incredible dress.
I've been wanting to make something like that for a while. If it isn't too much trouble, could you tell me where you got your materials and what sort you used (mainly the type of elastic) ?
Also, did you sew it all by hand, including the zipper?


p h e n o m e n a l... time well spent! you've done an amazing job evoking your current hero dresses


I am so jealous!! That is an amazing creation. Is that a tassel on the end of your zipper? Just a suggestion - maybe you can make it so you can detach and reattach other things to the end, to switch things up a bit. But the tassel looks great!


You have amazing legs, and as much as I am a fan of colored tights (so fun and fabulous!) why not show them off?


Insanely beautiful dress...great job!


The dress looks wicked Michelle! I'm a sewer too so I can appreciate how tedious sewing the thick elastic would have been, good job!

a lady

bra. va. you look STUNNING.

Queen Michelle

Marchesa: I did it all on a sewing machine, which I have been teaching myself to use for about a year. I actually would have found hand sewing it easier, especially the zipper, but of course it may have fallen apart!! I just got everything at the local fabric store. the elastic is just the kind you normally put inside clothes to make waistbands and the satin is just standard satin but very thick.

Lauren: it is a tassle and yes indeed it is detachable as I wanted to put different things on the end, just as you said.

Eric: my legs are ABSOLUTELY best kept covered! I don't like suntans and unfortunately being Scottish I am not blessed with the best coloured complexion. Plus, I did alot of kneeling on the ground to make this dress so have massive bruises on my knees!! Not a good look. Well, maybe for Courtney Love of old, but for me, not so much.

Thanks chaps and chapesses for comments. I think everyone should now go and sew an elastic bodice, so you can all feel my pain!!


Wow! This is fantastic! I really really wish I could make one!


AMAZING! So jealous of your talent. And it looks great on!


wow i wish i could sew. i am completely hopeless and couldn't sew to save my life! ahh if only if only. you've done a fantastic job by the way, if i tried something like that it would probs end up looking like a dog mangled a wad of seatbelts! totally agree with natty, your talent is envied :)


oh i love it! you make me want to start designing/sewing again! keep up the great blog!

Queen Michelle

Taylor you MUST start again - I need to know how to put sleeves on tops!


oh my gosh that is SO effective, why spend £££ on the real thing- you have so inspired me to be brave and attempt something that looks like some hard structure word, but can actually be carefully made! the yellow preen dress is my boyfriend!- do you think you could produce a binded torso without elastic, or would it be a case of making strips of material your exact shape?


I am HIGHLY impressed! I feel ever so inspired now...!


That is an amazing dress! I am now seriously considering press-ganging one of my sisters into making one for me (my sewing skills are laughable).

Queen Michelle

Selina, I reckon elastic is best as you can get it nice and tight and still be able to breath (which is important!), plus I liked the industrial look of heavy duty elastic when combined with a soft, opposing fabric like satin. The dress might just look twee otherwise. The downside is the elastic only seems to come in black or white, and the white would look like actual bandages - not such a good look.
I must say, I'm very pleased to have inspired people to attempt their own! If I could, I'd make everyone one!


Did you put it together by overlapping pieces of elastic and then sewing, or putting the edges together and the sewn edges towards the inside?


omg u look so much like irina lazaraneau!!!!

the dress looks amazing, ive been trying to learn how to sew but i dont practice much b/c im lazy and i definetly dont think i have as much talent as that!


Michelle what problems were you having sewing in sleeves? The tricky part is usually easing in the top (cap) of the sleeve to the shoulder. Try searching the net for instructions, this one is straight forward and it has pictures which always help....

Queen Michelle

Oh Kat, you have no idea how rubbish I am at following written instructions! I'm very much as person who needs to be shown how to physically do something, then I pick it up instantly, but instructions? Terrible! Everything I've learned how to do I've done by just drawing what I want and then try and work out how it works in 3D, but for some unknown reason sleeves have confounded me! I think the problem is I've never tried using a pattern before, so I don't actually know any of the terms, or even the right way of doing things (I no doubt am doing everything the wrong way). But I'm going to read these instructions, as the pictures will help, plus that seems like a very useful resource, so thank you very much. I'll be sure to show you the first thing I make with sleeves!!!

Azumin, I slightly overlapped the elastic and I don't think you can iron the elastic, so doing the other way requires it to be ironed flat, which I couldn't have done. Initially I wanted to have a visible overlap to create a subtle tiered effect, but I changed my mind, so the overlap is only about a few millimetres - basically I sewed as close to the edge as possible - which is what was so hard for me as it requires real precision, i.e. a very, very straight line!


Hey, good job on the dress...

And oh my god, you could totally pass for Irina Lazareanu!


Holy shit, Queen M! You look *fantastic*. When I was first scanning thru, I didn't realize you'd *made* this. You are fabulous & talented--(of course, I should have known that already.)


gahhhhh you are a genious! and have reminded me how possible it is to make amazing things at home. I am most certainly not willing to throw 2 months of my salary for a designer dress.


Great work on the dress!

Also, I just wanted to ask, what label/model are your shoes? They are amazing!


I am soooo impressed. Im literally speechless. U look sooo awesome!

Queen Michelle

Ona, my shoes are plain Topshop.
Thanks again for everyone's very nice comments. I'm honoured indeed that my wee DIY project has received such a positive response, I really hope you have all been inspired to try it yourselves! And if you do - let me know and I can do a post about all the different variations you have created.


Ahe dress looks amazing, i wish i had such talent!
Also you said if you couldnt wear the dress with heels, you would wear it with patent white winklepickers. where did you buy them from? (if you dont me asking)- all i can find are black ones and ive been looking for aages for a white pair!

Yuko Kanai

My prom is in a week and since i decided to blow most of my prom dress budget on these wonderful Melissa shoes instead, I decided to make my own dress! I've been teaching myself how to sew(with a few tips from other people here and there).
So I was doing the front part of the bodice, which was really really annoying because the sewing machine wasn't working so well, so I was thinking about what I could do for the back instead, and I immediately thought of what you did for the front part of yours! I have a green satin front for the bodice(I stitched a big 3D heart to the stomach area! It is so adorable. I should send you a pic later) and that took hours and hours and hours! I think I am going to use thick strips of black elastic for the back and do the chunky zipper too! I love you!!!



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