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Saturday, 31 March 2007



david's new haircut is just as bad!!!!


oh come on,just nipples! everyone knows them, everyone has them seen, everyone knows a lot more of womens body than the nipples! i think its kind of discrimination, thats make me angry. when she want to have free tits, i can just understand her, i dont like wearing bras, but wearing them, because every one would stare at me. bye

Queen Michelle

I must agree with Queen Marie on this - I'm kinda sick of seeing her tits too. I think there is a difference between someone like yourself, or even me (I go without a bra too sometimes) is we aren't flaunting it, Posh clearly flaunts, and yes we all have nipples, so even less need to flaunt them like trophies - but then I suppose if you've *allegedly* bought them you want to show them to get your money's worth!!


Meow! Saucer of milk, table 9. . . but yeah, she does flaunt her nips a bit. Truthfully, I get sick of the bra too. . . but when I'm a mother of three, I'll cover them up because it's just a little too much. There's comes a certain age when it's time to put the girls away, ya know?

lady lisa

lovin' your post Aja! I couldn't agree more!

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