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Saturday, 31 March 2007


Blue Floppy Hat

Love the pink hair though, and she'd look a fair bit like Brigitte Bardot if she'd only scrub that mug.


I wanted to say that at least Sid & Nancy were entertaining, but I think I'm mistaking the movie for the reality. And reality, either way in both couples' cases, is just kind of repugnant.


I totally agree, they looked like worn out, dirty druggies.

becca boo

Self proclaimed Bonnie and Clyde - how pretentious. Those two are an embarrassment. What on earth has she done to herself???


Funny.. For real though, how is she an influential icon? Is it the fact the she looks hungry and is a druggie...


So wat! if she takes drugs must off us do,nearly every famous people you know takes them, doesn't matter how well they dress there all coke heads,

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