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Thursday, 29 March 2007



buy it buy it!
why not spending your money for the next week for this dress, this week? you will regrete it if you doesnt buy it! you have to keep your girl dreams alive! i like it too, its beautyful! :)

Queen Michelle

You are a very bad girl! Encouraging me to spend more than I do already! However, you make a very good point - Buy It - that's the kind of point I like to take into consideration!


first pic!

Queen Michelle

Now, she is rocking that dress! She looks a million times better in than I would. Damn,now I'm deflated!


but she is not wearing some fabulous tights like you would! ah i was trying to show it is a veeery nice dress that you should totally buy!!

J Walker

Wow Love this dress so dreamy & elegant visit for more summer dresses


Can you please post where you found that dress? It's beautiful! Of course you should buy it, silly goose!


please can you post where you can buy this dress online as it would be perfect for my head bridesmaid next summer pretty please

Gee Gee

OMGM thats so georgus i love it unfortunatley i live in melbourne and i cant get it it suks

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